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BLOND:ISH unleashes her Abracadabra magic on emanate

Vibed out house music label spearheaded by BLOND:ISH has leaped to the web3 music platform emanate. Chambord, THE KIMONOS, MALÓNE, Moojo, ARKADYAN & DEMAYÄ are some artists who have released music through the label and can be streamed now on the emanate platform.

Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH is a web/music3 pioneer and has spread her wings over the whole web3 space. For Vivie, web2 feels dull and uninspiring, so she’s been working, building, and pushing to evolve the space. She’s a proud parcel owner and partner over at SandBox and has even created her own $ISH token to power the BLOND:ISH ecosystem!

Check out ABRACADABRA: https://emanate.live/abracadabra-music


ABRACADABRA is the experience of creating.

We create as we speak. We come to life through the magic of manifestation; that you create your own reality. ABRACADABRA was born in January 2017 in Tulum, Mexico.

Created with the intention to combine this ancient wisdom with modern-day philosophies;

To spark a way of life shaped by conscious intentions surrounded by community and bring together a global creative collective inspired by the unknown.

Our vision unfolds by uniting the most curious & innovative minds and souls, artists and musicians, friends and lovers in magical locations.

About emanate:

Founded in 2017, Emanate uses blockchain technology to empower creators from some of the problems that have plagued the music industry for decades. Using “smart collaborations” on the blockchain, artists can stream, share, and be rewarded for their music like never before — in addition to the typical music release process.

Backed by industry giants like deadmau5, Chris Lake, NERO, Mr.bill and Blond:ish the platform unites artists, labels, and fans to earn, share and collaborate seamlessly. Artists and independent labels can conveniently publish, distribute & monetize music from one destination.

‘Smart collaborations’ allow a framework for consenting parties to collaborate before a song is ‘published’ and the payment splits are executed through code, in real-time. If the music is published on Emanate, the payments automatically go to the right people, without question or doubt — every time.

The platform now boasts over fifteen thousand users as it looks to expand in 2022, moving into its Beta phases in Q1 of this year.

Check out emanate

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