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Buckle Up for Emanate 2.0

This week, our friends at Stockhead dropped some serious inside knowledge during an interview with Emanate cofounders Sean Gardner and Jimi Frew.

We thought we better elaborate and whet your appetite a little more on what’s coming.

Emanate 2.0 is set for release by the end of 2021

Alpha Stage is wrapping up

What would probably qualify as the longest Alpha phase in start-up history is finally coming to a close. In the 2 years since Alpha launch, the product itself has become much more than most Alpha versions and that is why we are excited to say that Beta (Emanate 2.0) is landing very soon. Let’s look at what are we achieved recently, including some features to be deployed in the next few weeks:

  • Over 10,000 user sign-ups at the end of July (nearly 2000 artists)
  • Mobile apps are ready to go (if you have a look you’ll find them, we will start promoting them next week)
  • ‘My Emanate’ for artist follows and track favoriting
  • Artists can create sharable Releases (Singles, EPs, albums)
  • Completion of Distro Pilot, moving into the full launch with Beta
  • Playlisting is nearly ready, expected in September
  • Achievement badges
  • SSO including discord integration
  • Organic referral rewards program
  • Artist stats
Native apps are on the way


After the close of Alpha, we will clean up some tech debt and complete the first BETA features before popping up with Emanate 2.0 (Beta) towards the end of this year.

The world has taken some interesting turns in the last two years, and in this exponential age of innovation, we are seeing a dramatic surge in the creator economy and the global digital marketplace. This has caused a boom in NFTs and the creator economy, supercharging platforms like discord, OpenSea, and direct support products like Patreon and OnlyFans.

In line with this, Emanate is relaunching as the world’s first and only, Play-to-Earn platform for music. Excited? So are we. Play-to-Earn on Emanate will mean:

  • Everyone can earn, not just artists
  • Organic referral rewards for sharing music and new artists
  • Shared payments for popular playlists you create
  • Micro-rewards for music discovery and curation
  • Time-limited earning for simply listening to new music

To support all of this, the EMT token economy will be reworked in order to build a sustainable long-term value loop between creators and consumers.

New listen stream concepts

Hello Ethereum

The EOS technology and community have provided Emanate with tonnes of passionate people and a cheap and flexible development environment for Alpha. But with the Ethereum economy booming through NFTs, DeFi and the metaverse, it is time for Emanate to branch out and integrate with these critical new partners. EVM compatibility is now feasible for Emanate via several viable scaling solutions including Polygon, ZKrollups, Optimism, and Solana with many more on the way.

To get started in this exciting new direction, Emanate is launching an ERC20 bridge this September, and to support the new trading environment, significant initial liquidity will be added to both Uniswap and DefiBox to kick-start the new trading environment alongside continued trading on NewDex.

From there, we will be conducting a robust research and development phase, alongside our feature roll-out, to assess what smart-contract platform will be best to support Emanate smart-contract and stable coin payment rails in the future. The decision won’t be taken lightly, with ease of use, gas reduction, and long-term outlook being the key deciders.

Whichever way this goes, we are certain that we will see EVM-compatible audio NFT integration in the core Emanate product very soon.


The Emanate team has been involved in the formation of MODA DAO, coming out of the Outlier Ventures accelerator program in Q2 2021. MODA is a new music industry body designed to advance the adoption of Web3 technologies for the music industry. MODA is built on non-profit foundations, with fully tokenised value system; put simply, the MODA mission is to make NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrency a core part of the release strategy for every artist in the future. This is designed to be open and inclusive, moving the NFT boom from experimental and speculative, to long-term and sustainable.

We believe that through NFTs, musicians will soon be enjoying the same newly-found freedom that digital designers have enjoyed this year.

As part of our role as a founding partner, EMT holders will be able to signal support for MODA in September, by staking EMT into a dedicated contract with $MODA tokens for distribution after the TGE event. More than $1 million USD worth of MODA is expected to be distributed to the EMT holders who participate in this program. Exact participation instructions will be released in September.

Discuss the MODA staking program on the Emanate Telegram

MODA music market UI design featuring ROBY

Watch a panel talk from some of the MODA DAO founding partners.

In Summary

The new Emanate mobile app rivals leading players like Soundcloud and Spotify and Audius in terms of usability. Our new play-to-earn focus and integrated NFTs will move Emanate ahead of the rest of the music streaming world in terms of Web3 integration and innovation.

Monetised playlists will reward curators properly for the first time ever and the organic referral engine will help take us from 10,000 to millions in the coming years.

Each of the initiatives in this article will come with its own detailed announcement in the coming weeks.

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