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Connect Your Music NFTs to emanate

One of the coolest features on emanate is the ability to list your music NFTs and link them to a marketplace, so fans of your music can buy your NFT through emanate and grow their collection. Not only that, you can make your music NFT an ‘exclusive’, so only the person holding your NFT can listen to your track.

To link your music NFTs and start using this awesome feature, follow these steps!

Step 1: Uploading Your Track

So first and foremost, you need to have the song you want to connect your NFT to listed on emanate. This is pretty straight forward, but for anyone who needs a little help, the tutorial below has you covered.

Step 2: Get Your NFT Details

Now that you have uploaded your track and filled in the song details, you need to flip the switch marked ‘Is this an NFT’ and choose whether or not to label the NFT as Exclusive. Then find the Token ID, contract address and select which network your music NFT is on.

Find the NFT you want to link to get the contract address, token ID and blockchain. In the screenshot below, you can see all the details we need to link the NFT. This Swaré music NFT was minted using Mintsongs, but we could only get the NFT details by visiting Opensea.

Step 3: Copy & Paste Details

Now it’s just a matter of copying and pasting in the details, as show below:

Step 4: Update Track

Once you’re done, click ‘Update Track’ at the bottom of the page.

Now when we view our profile, we can see the token icon next to our track, indicating that the song is also an NFT.

You have now successfully linked your music NFT to your song on emanate!

Step 5: Restock

Since token ID’s and contract addresses change between each NFT, when someone purchases your music NFT, you need to update the NFT details again to the next available copy. Otherwise, when someone clicks to buy your NFT, they’ll be taken to the account of the person holding your music NFT.

Think of it like restocking a shelf at a supermarket.

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