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emanate: 2021 Wrap Up

As we approach the end of another wild year, we wanted to take some time to reflect on some of our highlights that we ticked off our bucket list in 2021.

emanate took some huge steps forward this year; throwing some awesome competitions and parties, introducing new artists and music lovers to our ever growing community plus adding some great new features to the platform. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone in our community for each doing their part, helping make emanate the platform that it is.

It’s hard to capture all the madness, so below are just a few of our highlights from 2021.

Chris Lake Remix Competition:

In July we teamed up with British DJ and producer Chris Lake, inviting our community to remix his track ‘Turn the Lights Off’. The grand prize winner received a one-on-one mentorship with Chris, a Black Book merch pack and free Pro-Connect subscription to Emanate.

The response was overwhelming and the amount of entries we had was insane. The quality of the music submitted was superb; completely blowing us away and making Chris’ job of choosing a winner very, very difficult.

Massaya Junior took out the top prize with Trypbox receiving runner up prizes. Credit to everyone who got involved, the list of honourable mentions was long!

Ten Thousand Users:

This one was a long time coming, and finally reaching this milestone back in July was pretty surreal for all of us. Our community has been growing every day, and hitting the 10k mark was definitely something to celebrate. For this highlight, we want to say a special thank you to everyone involved for spreading the word and bringing more people to the family.

Since then we’ve managed to reach twelve thousand users, with 13k in the crosshairs!

Playlists Go Live:

Playlists are an integral feature to any streaming platform worth it’s salt and are the precursor to our play-to-earn function that’s rolling out in 2022. Users can now share their top tracks, setting the vibe with their favorite emanate artists. Playlists have increased the discoverability of new talent on the platform and soon, these tastemakers will be rewarded for playing such a vital role in the ecosystem.

We’ve loved cranking your playlists at emanate HQ and we can’t wait to take this feature to the next level.

emanate On Mobile:

It’s one thing to stream great music from home but once emanate came to Android and iOS, things got real! This was a big moment for the emanate team and our community who were all patiently waiting for the mobile app to drop. Now users can create playlists, follow their favorite artists and share the best music, on the go.

The feedback has been excellent and the app looks beautiful. We’ve loved taking your suggestions on this one, upgrading the app to be the perfect place to stream and discover new music.

Metaverse Parties:

After lockdowns swept the globe over the past eighteen months, being able to get together in the metaverse was something really special. Hosting a party in Cryptovoxels’ metaverse, with an awesome lineup featuring some of emanate’s best artists and being joined by thousands of avatars — our first foray into the metaverse was something to behold.

Entry to the event was free, all you needed was a Metamask wallet, a stable internet connection and a pension for good music. What followed was four hours of the best party any of us had been to in over a year.

“Being a DJ myself who has not been able to perform or travel since the whole covid-19 thing started and impacted most of us who perform live, throwing a set in the metaverse and seeing and feeling the impact on people reminded me and made me feel the same how I used to feel like that DJ rocking the real dance floor.” — DJ Lethal Skillz

Since our first event, we’ve played host to more metaverse parties; getting spooky in October for Halloween and again for Metaverse Music Fest.

Special shoutout to all the artists that made these events so special and for continuing to raise the bar each time. Everyone who partied, danced and strutted their stuff through the metaverse, thank you and we can’t wait to see you at the next one.

2022 and beyond:

In the New Year, there’ll be a lot of great updates coming for emanate. We’ll be moving into Beta, with an exciting new facelift coming to the platform, plus a host of new features. The new design will make streaming and sharing your favorite music easier while giving artists a better chance to show off their style and connect with new fans.

Artist profiles get an update in Beta

The new profiles will also give both artists and music lovers the ability to show off their community contributions with badges, pinned to your profile; letting people know straight away how active you are in the space.

The new homepage design is another big step forward; driving community growth while making sure that the music is front and centre. For artists, it’s their chance to get in front of new audiences through emanate Highlights as well as Editorial and Custom Curated Playlists. The latter of these are fan made, and those fans will be rewarded for contributing to the platform by earning tokens for the streams they receive on their playlists — play-to-earn.

2021 has been an incredible year for emanate, and we’d like to thank all the artists, music lovers and members for our community for helping shape it into the platform it is today.

Bring on 2022!

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