Emanate Alpha is here

After many months of building, optimizing, onboarding artists and patient waiting from our community, Emanate Alpha is live!

Sep 9 · 3 min read


  • Emanate Alpha is live on https://emanate.live. The old token sale website is gone and the first version of Emanate is open for business.
  • The Emanate Growth Pool is open now — stake your EMT for 0.5% bonus paid out weekly. https://dashboard.emanate.live
  • Emanate Alpha is the MVP release, with realtime payments and smart-collaborations running on EOS main-net. Artists will soon be able to cash out their stable earnings into EMT.

A quick story

It’s been just over 2 years in the making. In that time we have gained a loyal and passionate following of blockchain enthusiasts, EOS fans, and musicians. Over 6000 in our combined communities, over 8000 EMT token holders and more than 3000 pre-registered platform users.

We continue to attract new investors to help ensure Emanate changes the music industry forever. We’ve built partnerships with record labels, management companies, publishers and of course vampr.me — the 500,000 strong musician community who are also in the middle of crowdfunding.

Despite hitting less than 10% of our initial target, we have delivered more than what many teams have in this space and only a few months late. We’re very proud of what we have achieved and the team has earned it!

We have inducted our first 6 Emanate Reps, providing multi-lingual community support from Australia, Mexico, USA, China, Korea and Nigeria.

The platform launches with more than 50 hand-selected artists, with more than 200 tracks. These numbers will grow exponentially but it’s already something worth checking out. We have just closed our second remix competition; the winning tracks will soon be shared on Emanate also.

The runner-up of our last remix competition is already producing music in collaboration with another songwriter from the community. We’re excited to introduce Treasure Gnomes!

So what’s in the Alpha?

- Emanate the world’s fastest payment engine for music. Full stop.

- Smart-collaborations are here. Artists can connect with an Emanate Rep who will help get them set-up, splitting payments in realtime with all collaborators and business partners.

- The base has been laid for other dApps to start building on top of EMT, and we have there first couple of niche music brands ready to pitch to potential partners

- We have turned on our Music Lovers and Pro-Connect subscription tiers. Emanate is one of the only crypto projects that takes elements of decentralization and combines them with a real-world business model.

- All artists and fans get a 90-day free trial to get them started

- We have $750,000 worth of EMT for artists to earn over the next 2 years

While our EMT token price has slipped since listing, it has seen over $2 million USD worth of trading and has one of the best token distributions our of any EOS project. With artists, labels and fans all benefiting from holding EMT we are sure this can go in the right direction.

No. This is the set of features we saw as a Minimum Viable Product. You can vote for new features on zendesk: https://emanate.zendesk.com and in future this voting will go on-chain. In the coming months we plan to deploy:

  • Search
  • Favourite tracks
  • Follow artists
  • Staking rules and thresholds
  • Referral programs
  • Thousands of dope tracks

Today is a huge milestone, but it is really only the end of the beginning. This is where the fun starts and where the hard work really kicks off.

Join us on this journey and be a part of the success of Emanate!

- Buy EMT on Newdex, Bancor or Yoloswap

- Stake EMT in the Growth Pool at https://dashboard.emanate.live

  • Contribute to the Future of Music and protect the EMT economy by joining the Music Lovers or Pro-Connect subscription tier


A self-governing music ecosystem built on the EOS platform


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A self-governing music ecosystem built on the EOS platform

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