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emanate Announces Collaboration With APPICS

Web3 music platform emanate and APPICS, the Web3 social media platform, have today officially announced their collaboration. The two platforms will work together to onboard more creators into the web3 space; introducing and connecting their networks and further establishing themselves as key players in this new creative age.

About emanate:

emanate, the web3 music platform, has seen some amazing growth since its inception in 2017. With more than seventeen thousand users, a fantastic community of like-minded creators, and thousands of EMT (the platforms native token), paid out instantly to every corner of the globe.

Smart collaborations and live, instant payments are at the core of the emanate ecosystem; with the addition of playlists and the launch of their iOS app in 2021, they moved to their Beta stage in April of 2022. This transition introduced an entirely new user experience, MetaMask compatibility, music NFT integration and a number of exciting new features to entice up and coming creators.

The platform is free to use for both artists and fans alike, with a premium tier available to those looking to take their music to the next level. That tier, aptly named ‘Pro-Connect’, unlocks emanate’s VIP Discord chat, distribution and increased streaming rewards, just to name a few.

As music NFTs continue to dominate the headlines, emanate is providing the infrastructure to creators coming into the web3 space, with the ability to link their music NFTs to marketplaces like OpenSea, helping to give creative freedom back to creators.

“We believe that web3 will turn the whole music industry on its head. It is the most logical step, especially for the creators, who are the backbone of the industry. We’re making sure that creators have the tools necessary to compete in web3. APPICS share that same vision, by giving control and creative freedom to those that need it most, which is why this partnership is so exciting.”

- Trent Shaw, emanate Co-Founder


APPICS is a decentralized global social media dApp, that rewards users for creating and curating content. The integrated reward system lets users from anywhere in the world earn income for sharing, commenting and voting on content. The APX tokens that are earned through content creation can be spent inside the app or the NFT marketplace, where you can also mint NFTs using the APX token. Furthermore, APX tokens can be staked in order to increase voting weight and enable users to earn more rewards. On Appics, users are in control of their information, distribution of rewards and directly benefit from the growth of the platform. APPICS was founded in 2018, in Zug, Switzerland.

While in Beta, APPICS has been listed among the top 3 social decentralized apps.

We believe in our mission to return merits back to the user for the time they spend on social media. Based on a decentralized contribution-reward-system, the APPICS token (APX) is a cryptocurrency and reward-token that returns the value created via contribution back to the source, namely the creators and curators of the network. Rewards are attached to “likes“ and by creating or recognizing the value of content, all participants get a fair share of the reward-pool. Attention is the asset of all businesses, and social media companies are currently owning it.

APPICS aims at bringing a system to life where the power doesn’t just come from, but stays within the network. Cryptocurrency has never been easier!

With the ability to directly turn content into tokens users of APPICS don’t depend on advertising companies but instead gain instant control over their influence and income. Unlike any other popular social media, APPICS presents full transparency via the blockchain and as a decentralized platform gives people back the control over their content, feed, and rewards. APPICS aims to seamlessly introduce the masses to the benefits of blockchain.

“The partnership with emanate is an exciting opportunity for all musicians and creatives in the crypto space, allowing them to get rewarded for their passion — whether that’s through music streaming on emanate, or through social interaction on APPICS. We are looking forward to our first collaborative Metaverse event on July 30th as well as more events, campaigns and challenges to come in the future!”

- Uma Hagenguth, APPICS Co-Founder

About the Partnership:

It’s a shared mission of both emanate and APPICS to give the power back to the people and enable users from around the globe to get rewarded for their passion. emanate and APPICS allow creators to earn a fair share of the rewards, whether it be for their music or their visual content.

This overlap of core values is the reason why the partnership between APPICS and emanate takes the empowerment of creatives in the web3 space to a new level.

A community that instantly rewards artists and music lovers for their creative expression and dedication to music.

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