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emanate: Beta Is Here

From 2017 to now, emanate’s Alpha stage has seen some amazing growth. With more than fourteen thousand users, a fantastic community of like-minded artists, and thousands of EMT paid out instantly to every corner of the globe, we’re very proud of what we have achieved so far.

The emanate platform has also seen the addition of a number of great features. Smart collaborations and live, instant payments are at the core of the emanate ecosystem; with the addition of playlists and the launch of our iOS app in 2021, we’re ready to move to the next stage.

Beta went live on April 20th, 2022, introducing an entirely new user experience, EVM compatibility, NFT integration and a number of really exciting new features added. This upgraded experience stands to benefit not just those consuming and creating music through emanate, but the broader web3 community as well.

A Homepage Facelift

Since Beta went live, the first thing users notice is our brand new homepage. Putting the music centre stage, the new look homepage is where you’ll discover your favorite artists, see what’s trending in the emanate community and give you access to editorial and curated Sessions.

The new user experience is aimed at putting the music up front, while ensuring a natural community experience for both the listener and the artist.

Highlights will spotlight some of emanate’s most exciting artists, while Sessions will feature some of the top playlists. These could be curated playlists from tastemakers in the community, or editorial playlists made by emanate’s music management team. Artists and curators who hold 10,000 EMT in their accounts and a song, project or artist that the community needs to see, can apply for one of these featured slots.

You can now easily stay up to date with all the latest news, watch our artist interviews and find out about community events from the constantly updating news feed at the bottom of the page.

Unique User Profiles

With Beta, we have updated the user experience for the entire platform. After careful consideration and listening to the feedback from our users, our design team is excited to share the new artist profiles.

The user profiles are built with discoverability and music sharing in mind, while giving artists better opportunity to show off their unique style and involvement in the community. All profiles, both artist and listener will have a space dedicated to music NFTs, so anyone in the emanate community can see what tracks you’ve been collecting.

NFT Streaming

One of the most exciting features coming to Beta is the addition of streamable NFTs. 2022 is poised to be the year of music NFTs, and emanate is providing a seamless experience for users to collect and stream their music NFTs. When an artist uploads a streamable NFT to emanate, music fans can enjoy it much the same way as a regular upload, with additional marketplace integration. Super fans can navigate quickly between emanate and platforms like OpenSea or Mintsongs to purchase the NFT for themselves.

Any song on emanate can have an erc721 or erc1155, Polygon or Ethereum NFT attached, meaning that your collectors can stream your music NFTs from the emanate app. Not only that, artists can set their NFT releases as an ‘Exclusive’, so only people holding the NFT can stream the music within.

The features mentioned above are just a few of our favorite additions to the platform, but there is still a lot more to come. Below is a full breakdown of the platform updates, some of which we have already covered; with additional features and tokenomic updates to be introduced in future iterations of emanate.

Feature Breakdown

Full Platform Updates

  • EVM Integration
  • Connect metamask to check Polygon and Ethereum for music NFTs
  • NFT Integration
  • Artists and labels can attach NFTs to emanate Audio items
  • Collectors can display NFTs in their Library
  • Save Music NFTs for offline play
  • Discover NFT music
  • Discover ‘More by’ artists from the release page
  • Curated ‘emanate Sessions’ for high-quality, radio-style music feeds
  • Articles and content showcase

Tokenomics Updates and Liquidity

  • Increasing liquidity on Ethereum and adding liquidity on Polygon via QuickSwap
  • As an artist, holding at least 10,000 EMT tokens gives you premium features without having to pay a fiat subscription once a month. We call this ‘Pro-connect’
  • Pro-connect artists with 10,000 tokens or more earn more per stream
  • Pro-connect artists with 10,000 tokens or more can upload more tracks
  • ERC20 token utility on both Ethereum mainnet and Polygon (i.e.. Pro Connect/Subscriptions)

We’re very excited to usher in the next stage of emanate and we’d like to thank our community and everyone who has helped us throughout our journey.

Bring on Beta.

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