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Emanate delivers NFT streaming solution in NYC

Technology network and community MODA and emanate, have joined forces with AYITA, 14FORTY, and the folks at ORB NFT Market to host the biggest music celebration during NFT.NYC week. Featuring performances by deadmau5, NERO, Noizu, Daniel Allan, and BRUX, the event titled OWN THE MUSIC will take place on Tuesday, June 21 at the Brooklyn Mirage.

The event is tipped to be the biggest web3 event at NFT.NYC, will be a celebration of digital music and is specially designed to highlight the importance, evolution, and impact web3 will have on the music industry. MODA will also be showcasing the solutions they have created through their digital collectible framework. That framework acts as a new backbone for the future of the music industry, by replicating some of the old structures in a new, decentralized, autonomous, and highly streamlined way.

MODA is designed to bridge not only the legacy music industry with Web3, but to also bridge existing networks through standards and interoperability. MODA is about allowing people freedom, not locking them into walled gardens. emanate plans to adopt the MODA framework in future iterations of the platform.

The Web3 landscape is one of the fastest developing technology spaces in the world, and this event will help bring more artists, music lovers, and key industry leaders into the space.

The Brooklyn Mirage is one of New York’s most sought-after event spaces

Hosted at the spectacular Brooklyn Mirage, one of New York City’s most sought-after nightlife venues, with general admission tickets already on sale.

For those in the emanate community, anyone with 2500 EMT in their wallet can get in for free. For those who can’t make it to NYC, the digital collectibles will be available to bid on and claim for free from anywhere in the world.

Get tickets to OWN THE MUSIC here

For attendees, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to receive open edition airdrops from deadmau5, Chris Lake, and BRUX. Noizu will also be airdropping an unreleased digital collectible to everyone in attendance.

NOIZU will be airdropping unreleased collectibles to those in attendance

With brand new, unreleased music airdropped to party-goers wallets throughout the event, this is a chance to show people the power of web3. For MODA and emanate, this isn’t just a small gesture of appreciation or tacky gimmick, they see it has much larger implications for the industry. In the long run, this method of distribution can act as an important piece of the music industry going forward. In the short term, this kind of distribution-in-exchange-for-attendance could be vital in breathing life back into the live music scene.

For MODA and emanate, this event is the perfect way to share solutions for an industry so desperately in need of an overhaul. At the same time, they’ll show how the orthodox, incumbent industry is about to be completely flipped on its head. Distribution, attendance, release strategy, live and virtual events — every aspect of the music industry is about to change.

OWN THE MUSIC will encourage artists, industry leaders and music fans to embrace the wave of new technology for what it really is: game-changing. Through web3 and collectible music, the fundamental ways in which the music industry operates are changing, with MODA DAO and emanate helping to lead that change for the better.

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