Emanate is working with Object Computing!

We’re super excited to announce that we have signed an agreement to start working with Object Computing, Inc.

We met with Phil and Matt from OCI in San Francisco last month to discuss the future of Emanate and the support we need in order to make Emanate the world’s real-time collaboration and payment engine for audio creatives.

Phil originally reached out to us on our Discord channel a few months back to express his interest, claiming that he loved what we are doing with EOSIO.

We were chuffed, not only because Phil is an OG EOS developer, having worked with Dan Larimer in 2017 but also because of Object Computing’s impressive history delivering work for NASA, Lockheed Martin and the US Defence Force.

Below is a joint press-release that will begin going out today:

Object Computing, Inc. bolsters support for Emanate’s real-time audio payment engine on EOSIO

May 16, 2019 — Sydney/St Louis

Sydney-based Blockchain Music ecosystem, Emanate, and U.S.-based Blockchain Consulting Firm, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), today announced their involvement to bring trust, automation, and transparency to the music industry using EOSIO, a powerful infrastructure for distributed applications.

Following the completion of a blockchain accelerator with Z11k in Chicago, IL, the Emanate team visited San Francisco, CA, to attend EOS World Expo. Although informal collaboration between OCI and Emanate was underway prior to EOS World Expo, it was during this event that Emanate and OCI formalized their business arrangement and announced their intent to partner on the development of the Emanate ecosystem.

OCI, a direct contractor to block.one, and a key contributor to the development of the EOSIO software, shared a bullish outlook on Emanate’s ability to transform the $50 billion music industry.

“The lack of transparency in the music-streaming industry has created an opportunity that is ripe for disruption,” said Phil Mesnier, Blockchain Practice Lead at Object Computing.

“The EOSIO blockchain platform is the ideal solution for this project thanks to its massively scalable architecture and its ability to process an extremely high number of transactions per second.”

Emanate CEO, Sean Gardner explained the significance of the partnership:

“We were excited when Phil reached out to us, it is huge validation for us that OCI can see our vision and believe we have what it takes to see it through. Phil worked directly with Dan Larimer on EOS, and for him to see the potential in what we are doing is really flattering.”

Object Computing was contracted by block.one as far back as 2017 to begin working on the EOSIO software release for the blockchain that is now responsible for the highest daily transaction volume; hosting over $6 billion USD worth of tokens including EOS, the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

OCI also delivers an impressive list of client work for NASA, Motorola, Cisco, Toshiba, as well as US-based Aerospace & Defense companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Iridium NEXT, among many other prominent global tech companies.

Object Computing will begin providing technical advice for the Emanate platform as they head towards launching the Alpha version in late-May/June this year.

The Alpha platform is all about showcasing what the Emanate technology can do, in a simple and user-friendly experience. To music lovers, it will feel a little like Spotify but under the surface is what they call ‘technology for the future of music’… the world’s fastest audio payment and collaboration engine.

The Alpha platform integrates the dual EMT/MNX token economy and showcases the ‘smart-collaboration’ framework with 6-second payments on audio consumption. But the Emanate/OCI cooperation will really take shape as the teams look towards the future.

Jimi Frew is Emanate’s music industry veteran, he explains why Emanate could be such a pivotal piece of music industry evolution:

“We are building a global music industry payment system. A fast and reliable collaboration and monetization network that can be integrated with any media channel, from gaming to VR and AR, through to smartwatch development and of course playback in public spaces.”

OCI and Blockchain Music will begin refining the technical roadmap beyond Beta (2020) and looking towards what can be achieved and what specifications need to be met in order to cater for millions of artists and hundreds of millions of listeners beyond 2021.

The pace of development on EOSIO right now is so fast, one can only imagine where it will be in 2–3 years.

Read more about OCI and their blockchain involvement:


Discover more about Emanate by reading this 8 part mini-series on Medium: https://medium.com/emanate-live/the-emanate-808-4798d328495d

EOS and EMT are tradable on various exchanges including NewDex, Chaince , WhaleEx and the Yoloswap platform introduced by the Kyber Network.

At the time of writing, EOS is trading at $6.67, with a $6.1 Billion USD market cap. EMT is trading at 4.7c USD, with $2.8 Million USD market cap.