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Emanate Visa StreamCard

Being dubbed the ‘Stream Card’, Emanate Visa Debit represents the first time ever, that artists will be able to get paid in realtime for their streams and top up instantly to a Visa Debit Card.

Imagine yourself in a world where your payday takes several months, if not years to arrive. That’s the reality for musicians in today’s traditional music world.

Fast forward a few months and artists will be uploading music to Emanate, getting streams from their fans and topping up their StreamCard — instantly.

It could be just minutes between uploading a track to buying a coffee.

And the StreamCard is not just for artists. With monetised playlists and a range of innovative new music-investment token utilities coming later in the year, even Music Lovers could be tapping more than just their feet.


  • Emanate Visa starts in March
  • Connects to Emanate Distro
  • First ever debit card ‘topped up by streams’
  • EMT Token Holder Benefits

“Since bitcoin started showing promise of global adoption, the blockchain and crypto community have been working hard to bridge the gap between the current financial system and the newly emerging decentralised finance system. We always wanted to bridge that gap for musicians with Emanate. Now earning instant revenue from that ecosystem, getting royalties from other streaming providers and connecting it to the point of sale is a reality”

Working with an accredited Visa issuer, Emanate StreamCard will be accepted anywhere that you can pay with Visa. Over 200 Countries and territories.

Apple Pay and Google Pay Support

Apple and Google Pay support ships from day one. Even your Apple Watch could be paying for coffee with streams.

Full support from the music industry

The support from the music industry has been enormous. Emanate sent a survey to our 450+ artists, with 95% of respondents saying they would use Emanate Visa. In an industry that constantly struggles to be recognised as a legitimate career choice, what could be more gratifying than your very own Visa Debit that gets topped up as people play your music?


The Emanate StreamCard pilot program will commence in March 2020, alongside Emanate Distro. Up to 50 artists will test these two new innovations side by side in a pilot program and provide feedback on the logistics, experience, branding and overall messaging to the artist community.

Up to 5000 artists will be onboarded later this year with an open public offering expected in early 2021.

How will it work?

Emanate has been approved for the card offering, because of the innovative two-token ecosystem that was developed in 2018. The internal MNX/USD tokens are non-transferable and non-tradable, acting as an internal accounting unit for music streams.

Artists earn MNX (shown as USD in their dashboard) and request a top-up. If no blacklist is in play, the card is topped up instantly.

Token holder benefits

Everything at Emanate is done with token holder benefits in mind. While artists need to have a Pro-Connect membership to get a card, EMT holdings will offset the costs at cash-out. Below is the proposed structure for EMT rewards:

  • Bronze Member: 0 EMT = 10% Earning Conversion Fee
  • Gold Member: 10,000 EMT = 5% Earning Conversion Fee
  • Platinum Member: 100,000 EMT = 0% Earning Conversion Fee with all other fees refunded by Emanate

Read about Emanate Distro, also announced this week, to understand how Emanate is connecting the music industry into a new, blockchain-driven ecosystem:

This announcement was brought to you by the unofficial song of Emanate Visa StreamCard:

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