Emanate x Yunizon x 604 — Competition Winners

To celebrate the release of “Tables Have Turned” by Canadian artist “RALPH” we joined forces with French label Yunizon and 604 Records and opened a remix and cover competition.

We had over 170 artists participate and were absolutely blown away by the quality of the submissions. It’s been extremely hard for Yunizon to choose a winner, which is an incredibly good problem to have! As tough as it‘s been, we have a decision!

First and foremost we want to thank our partners Yunizon, 604, Vampr, Heavyweightbass.net and BassKleph.com for supporting our journey and of course, everyone that took the time to participate!

With all that said it’s time to announce the winner.

🥇 Winner of 100,000 Emanate tokens and an official release on Yunizon and 604 Records is…


Dillistone, A lovechild of Copenhagen, Shanghai, London and Berlin.
Dillistone’s winning remix!


18-year-old Kasla from Reading, UK.


🥈Winner of 25,000 Emanate tokens

We uncover UK based talent Kasla! As our first runner-up! Only 18 years old Kasla has already been producing for around four years and his raw talent blew us away, very mature and highly polished, any wonder he caught our attention!

“Sankt Pauli”

🥉Winner of 10,000 Emanate tokens

Hiding away in Rotterdam, Netherlands is “Sankt Pauli” another talent we’ve uncovered. With a solid 80’s influence, Sankt Pauli brings us back to the future, spinning up a delicious and professional display of his years of musical and production experience.

The amount of quality we’ve received we decided to add spot prizes for special mentions.

We wanna give a shout-out and additional 5000 Emanate token prize to each of the artists below.

  • Jon Magnusson
  • Dale Boonzaaier
  • DJ Lethal Skillz x Play it forward
  • Broken Elegance
  • Kislaw
  • H
  • Boys Get Hurt
  • Efti Tayde
A massive congrats to all the winners!

Watch the official Dillistone interview and check out our artist development program article below.

Emanate delivers the winning news and has a chat with Berlin-based producer Dillistone!

🎧 Team Emanate