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Emanate x ZEDRUN team up to empower a new generation of music artists

manate, music collaboration, sharing, and distribution platform has teamed up with Virtually Human Studio, the creators of ZED.RUN, digital horse racing and NFT ecosystem, to commission and launch a debut synth wave album called ZED by emerging music artist, wtfhaks.

The two Web3 companies are currently discussing a first-of-its-kind integration of Emanate’s real-time payment engine and music catalog into the ZED experience. This will allow any artist on Emanate to be paid instantly when the music is consumed within the ZEDRUN environment.

This is not their first rodeo collaborating together. In June ’20, ZED R

UN created a song competition exclusive to Emanate artists aptly titled, “Be Heard, Be First”. Winners shared a cash prize pool, and their music was officially licensed and played inside the ZED RUN Arena.

Among the winners was wtfhaks, whose track, Peanut Butter Waffles, perfectly encapsulated the dystopian cyberpunk landscape. After the competition, wtfhaks was commissioned to create ten original tracks bundled into an album that was written specifically to complement the ZEDRUN experience, which came from a very authentic and artistic place.

“For me, there is no better place to start with music than the metaverse. You’re more likely to reach a large diverse audience over the internet,” says wtfhaks. “ ZED RUN provided me with the inspiration and the space to express my style of work and an opportunity to see my art in action. Without Emanate, I wouldn’t be anywhere near these opportunities. The team helped support me through personal struggles that impaired my work. This pushed my limits and made me realize how much I truly enjoy producing music and being a part of the community.”

Currently, Emanate is exploring exciting ways to showcase up-and-coming music artists to complement the gaming experience of ZED RUN. Emanate as an audio exchange protocol platform, supported by the EMT token economy, facilitates instant value exchange and agreements between musicians, listeners, and labels. This way, musicians might one day be able to share their music globally and instantly earn from every stream played on ZED RUN.

“Our vision for the future is to build a creator economy within the ZED RUN metaverse where artists and musicians can add another layer of immersion that heightens the entertainment experience,” says Chris Laurent, CEO at Virtually Human Studio.

The album, ZED RUN, can be heard exclusively on Emanate here.

For more information, please contact the Emanate team:

Jimi Frew, Co-founder and Head of Music


Peter Justin Yu, Head of Marketing


Bringing real value to emerging artists

Emanate is a blockchain-based music platform that unites artists, labels, and fans to earn, share and collaborate. Artists and independent labels can conveniently publish, distribute & monetize music from one destination.

Emanate lets artists work together over ‘smart collaborations’, allowing a framework where the consenting parties agree to the terms of the collaboration before it goes live and the payment splits are executed through code in real-time. If the music is published on Emanate, the payments automatically go to the right people, without question or doubt every time.


About Virtually Human Studio (VHS)

Our mission at Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is to uncover what the future of entertainment can do for humanity. VHS’s goal is to keep people emotionally engaged through immersive digital entertainment. We use emerging technologies in gaming, sports and mixed reality to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world.

Our flagship game, ZED RUN, was one of the first of its kind created on the blockchain. Through ZED RUN, users can create a legacy by building a star-studded digital stable of winning racehorses.





🎧 Emanate unites musicians and music lovers on a fast and fair collaboration and sharing platform to create and earn more.

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