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Ex Sony Executive, Gavin Parry, Joins Emanate

Gavin Parry is the ex Vice-President of Digital and Business Development for Sony Music Entertainment APAC and the 3rd music industry heavyweight to join Emanate in 2020.

Discussion is heating up in the music world around investment in song rights and rights trading. This heat is driven mostly by a technology-based narrative:

Data from global streaming services and the convergence of the music and media technologies landscape has dramatically improved song rights as an asset class. To such an extent that they are becoming universally attractive to institutional investors.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, our favourite ‘B’ word keeps coming up in these discussions.

Gavin’s experience with Sony over the last 20 years means he has seen the change before, and now he has the insight into what’s happening next. Gavin can see clearly that blockchain is playing a huge role.

Gavin Parry at Music Matters, Singapore. Presented by Tencent Music

“Gavin is one of the few from the Australian music industry that has really been able to understand the significance of what we have, and what we’re doing next. When you meet someone who can explain your product better than you can, you hire them”

— Trent Shaw

After 4 months of workshops and discussion, Gavin joins the team focussing on Emanate’s intersection with publishing, rights trading and its place in the investment landscape, with a particular focus on Asia.

Gavin also recently announced a role as an advisor to Ekko Music Rights, a company founded by Korea’s Mr. Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment (recently voted onto Billboards 2020 Global Impact list.

The Emanate team pitched Gavin a new Emanate-based concept currently in stealth mode. It focusses on TikTok and other similar social media platforms, leveraging the influence of the world’s new social media stars. This is what tipped Gavin over the edge to join the team.

Parry, speaking at Spikes Asia

“In the last 6 months, I have been traveling the world, looking at what is about to happen in the music industry. The work the Emanate team have done over the last 2 years is extremely forward-thinking. The fact that artists on Emanate are already securing their rights on-chain to get paid transparently and instantly, is actually mind-blowing. Not many people realize yet, just how powerful this will be in the near future.”

With Ditto music recently announcing its own on-chain solution to launch in May, it’s clear that blockchain has moved from hypothetical discussion to real-world adoption in the music industry. The exciting part for Emanate? This is the core mission, not a side project, and without an old-school legacy business to protect, Emanate is well-positioned to tailor a solution that anyone in the industry can use.

Sean, Trent, Jimi & Blake are excited to make Gavin a part of the next chapter in Emanate’s journey. Sean’s justification for this move is clear:

Emanate has always been so much more than a streaming application running on a Blockchain. We’re setting up a distribution service which will allow a share of the entire world’s streaming revenue to flow into the Emanate contracts. This move opens Emanate to the entire music industry, putting our artists in the driver’s seat. Our aim has always to liberate the future of music and ensure that the next evolution of the music industry gives the bedroom producer the same opportunities as any other artist whether signed to a major record label or not.

Sean is speaking at the Blockchain for Creative Businesses seminar on Thursday in Sydney, hosted by Screen Australia, AFTRS and the Australia Council for the Arts. Register for the event here.

Stay posted for more team news and announcements around the Emanate Distribution and payment pilots.

Emanate HQ in Sydney

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