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How to grease your musical wheels as the world goes into lockdown

Serving you ideas to get your creative juices flowing and making the most out of your isolation sessions.

Toilet paper, flattening the curve, self isolation, antibacterial gel and the COVID-19. Normally… A bunch of unrelated words and yet right now, the whole world understands exactly what they mean bundled into a paragraph.

Firstly, a message from the entire team here at Emanate.

“Stay calm. Look out for the people you are closest to and care for most. Always have compassion and consideration for others around you, we’re all in this together.”

The live music industry has grinded to a halt and its challenging times for the community. It’s easy to get distracted by news headlines, socials feeds or to shake the feeling of being unsettled.

Let’s focus on turning this (super weird) situation into the most productive time you’ve ever had! Get you inspired, armed with new skills, new music, new fans and a new perspective!

Here we serve up a few ideas to help get you through these sessions.


There are plenty of amazing music production courses on offer these days, but how do you pick the good from the bad? It all depends on your interests right? We’ve listed a few that get the emanate tick of approval!



Stu Tyson aka Bass Kleph has been rocking main stages around the world for 20+ years. He’s created an online course showing you how it’s done taking you from your bedroom to the main stage.



Masterclass has been expanding its catalog in music lessons over the last few years . With Masterclass you have the opportunity to understand the creative process of some of the worlds finest producers and artists. Learn from deadmau5, Timberland, Armin Van Buuren and more…



For all you Ableton.live heads out there this site is pretty epic!

Over the years “ELPHNT” aka Tom has created a number of tools to use in his own music making, and started ELPHNT (pronounced ‘elephant’) to share with you. Every tool you’ll find on the Ableton Live Packs page is something ELPHNT uses in his own music, but tailored to be adaptable to any style or workflow.


Ok we’re in lockdown, but there are so many ways we can connect and work together. Technology is in an amazing place and if you haven’t started exploring the possibilities of whats out there we’d like to help you get started!


Vampr is linkedin/Tinder style mobile application that empowers you to find like minded music industry folk to collaborate with. Need a Singer, Graphic Designer, Drummer or mix engineer? Swipe (left or right) through vampr’s 500,000 global user community and make new hits and friends along the way.



Soundbetter by Spotify is a platform that hosts some truely amazing talent for hire. Singers, songwriters, engineers… You need it, they’ve got it! So quit messing about and go and check it out!


Our community is full of artists and technology lovers always chatting away and looking to connect. Jump in, introduce yourself, chat with an emanate rep and start cooking up your recipe of genius with other members in our community and best of all it’s free!


Emanate Alpha at www.emanate.live

We hate to be biased (that’s a lie) but it’s a great time to underline the importance on the Emanate project and vision.

Imagine one place to register, publish, distribute and monetise your music. Get paid faster than any other platform out there and split those payments automatically with digital contracts with your collaborators. Emanate is pushing all the boundaries and paving a bright future for all artists that could change the game forever.

Yes we’re still in early development but you can get started now by creating an account and uploading your work.

It’s in challenging times like what we’re facing where Emanate could truly shine as a tool for audio creative and-their fans.

We’ve been brainstorming at Emanate HQ on how we can contribute more to those effected by these challenging times. Stay tuned for more news to come on this…


Emanate StreamCard will be the fastest way to access funds from your streams. It’s time to pre-register for very own card


Join Emanate Alpha at https://emanate.live

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