London calling — Emanate showcases in village

Update August 21 to 27

Last week was another busy one! See below an update on what the team was up to this week and don’t forget to spread the good word about the work we are doing here.


  • This week we engaged with two very talented engineers from two seperate Top 21 Block Producer teams to begin engaging on a new EOS/EMANATE Tech Advisory Panel. We can’t wait to see what we can collaborate on.
  • We also made a new tech hire in Sydney which is very exciting.


  • We have received more funding from within the EOS community. Thanks again to everyone has supported us so far. We are eternally grateful.
  • This week we also have been invited to London to exhibit Emanate at Blockchain Live conference! We extended the invite to Kristen Boutilier aka ‘Goldilox’ to join as a lead artist.


  • We have received a great review from EOS Asia: check it out here
  • Josh Simons of posted an official announcement about our partnership which triggered our biggest earned-media web traffic day yet!
  • This week the Emanate x Volareo partnership made headlines in Business Insider Australia, Forbes, Business Insider UK, Gizmodo and many more publications — did you see it?


  • Last week’s remix competition launch has been met with enthusiasm with more download packs being pulled every day. We can’t wait to hear what comes back. If you missed this make sure you get involved!
  • This week two lucky Twitter users were awarded a 1,000 token prize for the creation of the first EOS account names with the word EMANATE included. There are more left to giveaway to get busy!

Follow closely over the next few weeks for airdrop and token sale news plus other huge announcements in final negotiation right now!