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Native apps are here!

The long-awaiting Emanate native mobile apps have arrived on iOS and Android. It’s time to get installing!

Announcment from Sean Gardner, Emanate cofounder and CEO

The benefits of native apps for a music experience really go without saying, nobody really wants to visit a web browser on their phone to listen to music! The apps have come a little further down the roadmap with Emanate because of the artist-focussed features we have been completing:

  • Distribution service pilot
  • Release creation
  • Like/follower tracking
  • Discord integration
  • Achievement badges

Install now!

Our first release native apps on iOS and Android offer a basic listening and discovery experience for artists and their fans. Built using Flutter, v1 includes:

  • Social sign-on
  • Listen to feed
  • Profile pages with social links, bio, and achievement badges
  • Track pages
  • Releases pages
  • Like, follow and My Emanate section
  • Sharing

The backbone for play-to-earn music

In the background, our playlist functionality has been in testing for two weeks and is coming straight to the mobile apps. The first tastemakers to build the most popular playlists will have a huge headstart when monetized playlists hit as part of play-to-earn music later this year.

The new organic monetized referral system is also coming straight to the mobile app whenever you share a track that leads to a new sign-up. Test it out on desktop and start referring to get ahead.

Crypto in disguise

We weren’t sure how the apple store would react to our real-time crypto payment system and integrated wallets, so that is all hidden away from the mobile apps. You will need to hit desktop or mobile web if you want to manage staking or cashout. But fear not, your account is linked, artists are being paid as usual, and when play-to-earn kicks into full gear all of your activity on the mobile apps will count towards your earnings.

So jump into your new mobile app today and if you like them please give them a positive review, and join our new discord community to give feedback!



🎧 Emanate unites musicians and music lovers on a fast and fair collaboration and sharing platform to create and earn more.

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