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Playlists are LIVE! And it’s time to step up

What might look like a perfectly normal streaming feature is actually your chance to become a professional curator and taste-maker who earns mad cheddar for their great taste in tunes.

Why? because Emanate Beta will feature monetisation of playlists meaning you will be paid whenever someone plays your tape. Expect it this year!

Ok let’s go

Playlists can now be created, played, and edited on desktop/mobile web. The mobile apps are going through the stores now.


Mobile apps

Create playlists on the go

Save playlists in My Emanate

Showcase your tastes on your profile

Edit as you listen

Play out loud on public transport for street cred

Join our new discord community to give feedback!




🎧 Emanate unites musicians and music lovers on a fast and fair collaboration and sharing platform to create and earn more.

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