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Postseason Franchise Records

Brooklyn based indie label joins Emanate

Postseason Franchise Records - facilitator of culture.

Culture is king, it brings communities together to exchange new ideas providing a playground for innovation through experimentation. Postseason Franchise Records (PFR) is an electronic music label and events curator based out of Brooklyn, New York. They work with artists globally and focus on music ranging from ambient electronica to techno and house.

Emanate Live Sessions came together with the label in collaboration with Aaron Rays, for PFR’s summer rooftop series of live electronic sets overlooking the NYC skyline, where the label hosted artists with unique experimental hardware setups to embrace the live, spontaneous side of performance. Aaron Rays is a perfect example of an artist pushing hardware to new boundaries with a set featuring his modular synth rack triggered by live percussion.

The collaboration between Emanate and PFR came about organically, as the two share a common goal to support artist communities and have ambitions to streamline and simplify the music industry so artists can focus on being creative and all the fun that comes with it.

PFR’s summer rooftop series of live electronic sets overlooking the NYC skyline

“Emanate is a total outlier in the digital music landscape. Their technology and platform makes the process for labels and artists fully transparent, and the founders and reps have a genuine interest in supporting the communities contributing to the platform. Listeners streaming here are contributing substantially more to artists than plays through other platforms. We are stoaked to bring our catalog here.” — Postseason Franchise Records

Meet Postseason Franchise Records

Postseason Franchise Records was founded between Brooklyn and Stockholm in 2017 by artists TTilawok and The Space Wanderer. Each has released their own music on the label, but also curate releases by other like-minded people harvesting a minimalist non-mainstream electronic sound. Watch out for their first three vinyl releases set for 2020: a debut EP by Rymdeko; an EP to welcome Berlin-based Norwegian artist Prins Oblonsky to their catalog; and a label compilation album representing diverse electronic sounds from Moscow, Sydney, Tehran, Oslo, and Brooklyn.

The Space Wanderer and TTilawok join forces


The collaboration between The Space Wanderer and TTilawok is an experimental house and techno project formed during their 2018 artist residency at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), in Stockholm, Sweden — where they recorded their forthcoming 2020 EP using a variety of analog and modular hardware. Rymdeko’s sound combines vintage analog and modular synths with recorded samples to create energetic soundscapes inspired by Scandinavia. Their take on production infuses computer-based techniques with classic modular sounds and effects units to produce a listening experience inspired by ambient, electronica, nu-disco, house, and techno.


TTilawok is a photographer and electronic music producer based in Brooklyn, New York, hailing from California. His photography utilizes double exposure to express unique scenes from both natural and human born landscapes. TTilawok translates the surreal realms created in his photos and videos into soundscapes, with a musical style influenced by five years spent living in Stockholm, Sweden. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, his sound traverses from acid, deep house, and techno to ambient, low-fi, minimal, and downbeat.

The Space Wanderer

Psychedelic sounds from this world and beyond

With hypnotic basslines and driving rhythms, The Space Wanderer’s mixing style moves from disco to house and techno, touching on influences from all over the world along the way. In addition to running Postseason Franchise Records, he also produces his own blend of house and techno from his Brooklyn studio and is quickly becoming a mainstay in the NYC underground scene.


Rudovsky is a screenwriter, film director and independent music producer born in Krakow, Poland. Rudovsky’s production style mixes that of electronica’s best with diverse samples and backbeat rhythms. It feels familiar and far away, music that draws memories and challenges the mood. His latest release on PFR, Trash, is composed of ten minimal electronic tracks infused with jazz drums and thought-provoking melodies. His eclectic downtempo sound is easy to get lost in and leaves listeners wanting more.


Rawley is a San Francisco based artist producing psychedelic lo-fi and shoegaze, who has collaborated on various projects with The Space Wanderer and TTilawok through the years. His solo work is reminiscent of classic electronica, with swirling soundscapes underlined by minimal percussion. With a unique approach to production, his sound is a perfect accent to the more uptempo projects on PFR.

Want to get on Emanate?

Jump in the Discord and ask how to get started! — discord.com/invite/emanate

Read more about Emanate ALPHA linked below

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🎧 Emanate unites musicians and music lovers on a fast and fair collaboration and sharing platform to create and earn more.

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