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The countdown to Beta is on!

Emanate 2.0 (Beta) is arriving this week and it’s time to get prepared. Join 16,000 other music lovers, listening to over 10,000 releases from more than 2000 talented Web3 artists. Be at the forefront of the Music NFT experience.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Any song on Emanate can have any erc721 or erc1155 Polygon or Ethereum NFT attached, meaning that your collectors can stream your music NFTs from the native app
  • Any song can be cached and streamed OFFLINE (even NFTS)
  • NFT music releases can be set up as EXCLUSIVE; meaning only the holders can stream the music
  • EMT on Ethereum will have its utility added so it can be held to access Pro-connect
  • EMT is also being bridged to Polygon for low-gas trading
  • New homepage spotlight feature articles and curated sessions. Artists who hold 10,000 EMT can apply to use these spots
  • New look feel across the entire site and mobile app

Ok, so what do I need to do to get ready?


  • Get your latest music up on Emanate
  • Get 10,000 EMT to maximize your earnings
  • Get your NFT music minted (we’ve tested thoroughly with OpenSea storefront erc721 and erc1155 contracts and mintsongs contracts)


  • Message your artists who you have bought Music NFTs from and tell them what’s up
  • Shout at your favorite artists who have not yet minted their songs

EMT token holders/Traders

If you believe in Web3 music and you are not yet signed up for emanate, what the hell are you even doing?





🎧 Emanate unites musicians and music lovers on a fast and fair collaboration and sharing platform to create and earn more.

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