The Emanate Growth Pool

Aug 23 · 3 min read

With the launch of Alpha just around the corner, the Emanate team and advisors have settled on the Alpha token requirements and account types, including a Growth Pool initiative that rewards EMT token holders whilst allowing for frictionless onboarding of new Emanate users.

Announcing the Emanate Growth Pool

As you will read below, Emanate is designed to encourage mainstream adoption. While EMT token holders will be able to leverage the full power of Emanate, we want anyone to be able to get involved. To enable this adoption whilst preserving tokenomics, EMT holders are invited to place EMT into the Emanate Growth Pool.

Having part of the circulating supply locked into the Growth Pool, new users (both artists and music lovers) can trial Emanate with an email address and password and instead of needing to buy tokens, the community hold EMT on their behalf.

In the short term, these new users get a free trial. After the free trial, tokenless Emanate users will need to pay a subscription fee to feed the network.

EMT holders who place tokens into the Emanate Growth Pool will get paid 0.5% bonus on top of their staked balance every week. This is expected to continue for 6 months, or until 10 million EMT are paid in bonuses.

The growth pool will have a floor and ceiling of 1000/500,000 EMT.

The pool opens right around the time of Alpha launch, in the coming weeks.

New dashboard coming soon

Emanate Alpha Account Types

Introductory trial

All new users, including artists, will be given a 90-day trial account on Emanate. This will give new users time to trial the product, join the community and consider getting some tokens to keep them going long term. After the trial period is over, four account types exist:

Community Access

Community access is the account type that gives EMT token holders unlimited access to awesome music.

  • Link an EOS account
  • Hold 500 EMT
  • Unlimited listening
  • No further costs guaranteed until August 2020

Music Lovers

Music lovers are people who want to support Emanate and the Future of Music. They know that it’s important to pay for music services and that paying for Emanate supports independent musicians.

  • $5.50 monthly subscription plan
  • Unlimited listening
  • No need to hold EMT
  • Auto-entry into any community giveaway or promotions

Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom is the holy grail of Emanate. True to our vision, artists who invest in the community reap the rewards of monetisation without additional fees.

  • Hold at least 5000 EMT
  • Sign the EMC Agreement
  • Keep 10 tracks on your profile without additional staking
  • Add more tracks in future with additional EMT holdings


Pro-connect is for users who are serious about using Emanate to make money from their creativity, passion and hard work.

  • $16.50 monthly subscription
  • Keep up to 60 tracks on your profile
  • Exclusive Pro-Connect chat room
  • Pro-active collaboration opportunities
  • Dedicated Emanate Rep
  • Assisted networking with visual artists, engineers and videographers
  • Fast-track review of all new work by the Emanate Rep

Goldman Sachs predict that by 2030, there will be a 10x increase in the amount of revenue from paying streaming subscribers globally. That means, every 1% of that market in 2030 is worth $1 Billion USD per year.

Once Emanate reaches maturity, 15% of all revenue will be distributed to active EMT holders who contribute to the network. That’s potentially $150 Million USD going to EMT holders per year for every 1% of the global market in 2030.

How do you want to get involved in Emanate? Come to and tell us all about it!


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Bonus: Alpha Preview

A self-governing music ecosystem built on the EOS platform


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A self-governing music ecosystem built on the EOS platform

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