A love letter to Blender

We have become a gold level sponsor of the Blender Development Fund and will start to actively share some of the Blender tools we have developed with the community.

Oct 23, 2019 · 5 min read
This image was created using a Blender plug-in created by @JoseConseco3 that uses Embark’s own example-based texture synthesis algorithm. It was created in two steps using style transfer, and three images as input: the logos, a heightmap, and a satellite photo.

Maxi Vazquez, Artist

Jerry Perkins (aka MasterXeon) is the original creator behind Hard Ops and Box Cutter. You should follow him on Twitter and YouTube for tutorials on how to use his tools and for general tips about Blender.
A simple example of the powerful workflows modifiers enable
Early workflow test of a vertex paint shader. This allows us to see what the mesh looks like in Unreal while working in Blender.
Photogrammetry assets modeled in Blender, using Embark’s Auto Lowpoly tool, and rendered in Unreal Engine. Read more about how this was created here.

Robert Berg, Artist

Embark’s Contextual Connect tool in action, all using a single hotkey.

Embark Studios

Embark Studios is a Stockholm-based games studio, on a…