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Homegrown rendering with Rust

If you’ve followed what we do at Embark, you may know that beyond our games, we’re also working on a creative platform. It’s a project focused fully on user-created content, and enabling players to build their own worlds and interactive experiences.

Our creative platform in the making; rendered in real time in our engine built with the Rust language on CPU and GPU!
User-created scene with automatic ray-traced reflections and multi-bounce diffuse lighting

Great visuals for everyone

Open-sourcing kajiya

A simple scene rendered with kajiya. Car model by Rust Shake.

Our production renderer

Post-process depth of field seals the deal

The technical details

OK, giant reflective puddles are possible too

Renderer structure

Render graph usage in a motion blur algorithm


Unit testing a rust-gpu shader
Ruins environment rendered in kajiya. Scene by Crebotoly

The future



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