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Communal income generation

One way to have impact as a commune

Ceci n’est pas un hotel ❤

Cobudget funds, went towards legal fees for the formerly incarcerated community & our revolutionary prison syllabus
The Embassy Free Store — funding by cobudget funds, and stocked with the things guests and residents leave behind

Communal income generation is amazing (totally different from work)

Radical Chambermaiding :) it doesn’t feel like labour when it’s for communal purposes
The Anarchist Library, funded by cobudget funds; guests get a personally selected book for the duration of their stay.

Thank you to all the guests, that have come through our doors, and have contributed to these projects:

Empathy & conflict resolution workshop // Funding Target : $750 // Accepted Funding : $547

Prison Books // Funding Target : $300 // Accepted Funding : $53

Embassy Free Store // Funding Target : $80 // Accepted Funding : $80

Dinner funds for the John Muir School // Funding Target : $100 // Accepted Funding : $100

Contribution to the EN Solidarity Fund // Funding Target : $500 // Accepted Funding : $369

  1. To create a financial commons where residents can come together organically to support each other financially
  2. To alleviate the stress of financial hardship and provide a supporting framework for self-reliant recovery
  3. To disperse the risk and uncertainty of lending
  4. To replace the oppressive mechanisms and agreements of lending with unwavering trust and acceptance

Subsidized Rent Fund //Funding Target : $1,000 // Accepted Funding : $1,000

Second Life @the Embassy // Funding Target : $150 //Accepted Funding : $150

Help Zhenya Fight the Venezuelan Food Crisis //Funding Target : $500 // Accepted Funding : $500

Therapy fund for those who need it // Funding Target : $400 // Accepted Funding : $400

Creating an Anarchist Library // Funding Target : $200 // Accepted Funding : $200



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