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How to Build Good Relations with Indigenous Peoples: An Interview Series (Part 3)

Top resources on Indigenous rights and sovereignty

When it comes to resources related to building good relations with Indigenous Peoples, a great starting point — both in Canada and around the World — is UNDRIP.¹ It establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity, and well-being of the Indigenous Peoples of the world, and elaborates on existing human rights standards and fundamental freedoms.

Top resources on reconciliation and systemic discrimination

Beyond reading the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, there are a number of great resources that can grow your understanding of the history and legacy of settler colonialism on Indigenous Peoples in Canada. We recommend this short video from Murray Sinclair⁶ — the chair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada — and this one from Chief Robert Joseph.⁷ These heartfelt primers will help you to understand the impact of the residential school system on survivors and their descendants, and provide thoughtful questions that can help guide your company’s approach to fostering its relationship with Indigenous Peoples by advancing reconciliation.

Top resources on essential business practices and economic inclusion

Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. (ITC) has produced excellent e-books and other resources specific to best practices when engaging with Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality is a good starting point for understanding preferred Indigenous terms; common myths and stereotypes about Indigenous Peoples; Indigenous worldviews and barriers to employment; Aboriginal Rights and Title; the differences between types of Indigenous leadership; and the effects of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Canada.¹² The book also introduces a training model (RESPECT) that will help you to build effective relationships with Indigenous Peoples. 23 Tips on What Not to Say or Do when Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples features a handy list of practical tips to incorporate in meetings with Indigenous Peoples.¹³



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