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Java Trainee Programme (JTP): a special six-month opportunity for changing specialization

At the beginning of June, 8 slightly nervous but very smart people who want to become Java Developers will join our Brno offices. We held an all-day selection procedure, which for many is a big unknown. Even though that part of the recruitment process is over, at least another 6 months of the development programme are in store for the successful applicants.

Lots of preparation goes into re-launched course preparation

This year’s Java Trainee Programme started in September, but at EmbedIT, preparations started as far back as the new year. This is isn’t the first time we’ve run this project — it’s actually a re-launch. And this idea of starting it again wouldn’t have been turned into reality were it not for Kamil Ševeček, who has been behind the whole programme. Lots of work went into the six-month course but Kamil took it all in his stride. That’s no surprise, however, as he tells us that he has also been teaching maths at a grammar school, and since 2015 Kamil has been running night classes in Java at the Czechitas non-profit organization.

“I wouldn’t really use the word “boss” to describe Kamil. I’d rather use “mentor” or “coach” to be more accurate. He’s a very cool guy and a great teacher who loves questions.” Jirka K.

How did we select the candidates?

Because there was a lot of interest from applicants, we opted for an assessment centre. This is a type of selection procedure to which we invited up to 10 applicants for a whole-day session. Together, they carried out a range of tasks, and we saw how they performed. The programme we designed included tests of logical and technical ability, communication games, personal interviews, and presentations in English. It may all sound rather complicated, but in reality it’s not about being the best, but being the most suitable for the job.

Java Trainee Programme is a 6-month work stint with all the benefits

What makes the Java Trainee Programme stand out? Developers work full-time for an indefinite period, with pay, holiday entitlements, and EmbedIT company benefits including sports activities. One of the features, however, is special: in recognition of completing the course, participants can study for the Oracle Certified Java Programme certificate. In the meantime, they’re developing their knowledge and skills in Kamil Ševeček’s team. And like every team, they sit together and aren’t separate from the rest of the Brno offices. They also get to take part in company activities and events.

Speed dating with Team Leaders rounds off intensive training course

The course kicks off by refreshing and consolidating participants’ knowledge of Java SE knowledge and core libraries (Java.util, Java.io, …, and continues with an introduction to Git, GitLab, and JIRA tools. It also familiarizes participants with Spring, Hibernate, and Spring Boot frameworks. Over time, the Trainee Developers get involved in the development of the Biometrics/Fingerprints app for identifying users in all the countries where Home Credit International has a presence.

Two days a week are spent learning and the other 3 on the job, with Kamil as mentor. How the course rounds off may seem surprising. Trainee Developers choose which team they want to work in the form of “speed dating” with managers, i.e. informal short one-to-one interviews in quick succession.

“Kamil is great. He’s really patient, which is a big plus. He’s interested in our opinions and knows how to give proper answers.” Lenka T.

And so that you don’t just get the course sponsor’s perspective, we asked this year’s participants for their comments on the course.

What motivated you to sign up for the course?

“I knew about EmbedIT and was wondering about job openings there. I came across JTP while browsing ads. I saw it as a huge opportunity to do what I enjoy, and to develop my skills and knowledge further. But I hesitated for some time. I don’t have a formal IT education and I wasn’t sure if I had the basics.” Jirka (Jiří) K.

“I learned about JTP from a good friend of mine who was already working at EmbedIT. He knew I was out of work and that I wanted to be a programmer one day, so he recommended me straight away. I knew programming from university and I always thought that I’d really enjoy a career in this field. Unfortunately, I had no real experience. But I felt that JTP would be a great opportunity for me.” Tom M.

“I had worked at EmbediIT before JTP, so I first heard about this course first from colleagues and later from the company. I signed up for the course because I think it’s a great opportunity.” Lenka T.

“I joined EmbedIT 2 years ago and joined the Portfolio Management team, which was in charge of managing change requests concerning Hosel. Gradually I got involved in reporting using Central Backlog data. For loading it, we started using Python. I decided to use part of my training budget for a 3-month Java course at Czechitas. enjoyed programming and wanted to develop my skills in it further. However, there comes a time when e-learning is no longer enough, and self-study has its limitations. So, as soon as I saw

What was the all-day test like?

“I did well in AC, but in the other stuff I knew that I’d messed up. Anyway, I’m glad that I tried it and that I got on the JTP course.” Jirka K.

“Looking back, I can say that for many it would be a much better experience than sitting on your own sweating in front of 5 team leaders. Here it was different. There was a calm atmosphere, which the Embedit people helped create. They were all nice and friendly and put us at our ease.” Tom M.

Na AC the first group task was really exciting and I had the feeling that I really was in the right place. But then I did the technical test, which made me feel the exact opposite and I really felt that it wasn’t going to work out. During the coffee break we chatted in the kitchen and it turned out that about 90% of us had the same opinion. But it brought us all closer together and we went on to the next part feeling calmer, that it would basically work out.” Sabča Z.

What did you think of Kamil, the course “boss”?

“I wouldn’t really use the word “boss” to describe Kamil. I’d rather use “mentor” or “coach” to be more accurate. He’s a very cool guy and a great teacher who loves questions.” Jirka K.

“Kamil is great. He’s really patient, which is a big plus. He’s interested in our opinions and knows how to give proper answers.” Lenka T.

You’re halfway through the course. What do you think of it so far?

For me, the first month meant loads of information. After all, I don’t have IT course training and so I needed to do some additional self-study. But I can say that I’ve made a lot of progress and lots of things have started coming together” explains Sabča Z.

“We’ve got Hibernate training ahead of us, which I’ve been looking forward to right from the beginning. I can’t wait to put the apps I’ve been working on into practice. And now I’m looking forward to getting involved in a team.” Jirka K.

It’s too late to sign up for this year’s course, but what about next year?

We’ll be running Java Trainee Program course again in 2020, for both internal staff and for members of the public. Though it’s not designed for complete beginners, if you spent a couple of semesters studying programming at college or university or studied it at Czechitas, you’d be an ideal candidate. We’re looking for basic algorithmic thinking and OOP knowledge and English communication skills. We’ll fast-track candidates to junior programmer level, and help them find their way around a software project. If you know of anybody who would be interested or maybe you yourself would like to sign up, keep an eye on our career pages, especially in May and June.



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