5 Lifelogging apps for 2016: Keep track of your year

Here is a list of some of our apps that can help you to keep track of your life in 2016. You don’t need to be a lifelogging geek, these apps automatically lifelog your day using the sensors in your phone. They should definitely help you keep up with your New Years resolution and enrich your year.

1. Instant

Automatically track the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. Instant puts your life on a dashboard, all this data can be exported as a csv and you can even analyse the data with graphs. Instant now has a Chatbot Coach to analyse your data and reports as well. Instant is available for Android & iOS. For more: http://instantapp.today

2. Loca

Loca automatically journals your places with the time spent there & photos! It keeps track of all your places. All your data remains private within the app.

Loca is great to journal your vacations too. You can even analyse where you are spending your time everyday with Loca’s graphs. It is currently available for iOS.

3. Fit Time

Fit Time is an activity & fitness tracker. It puts all your activity data automatically on a dark-themed dashboard. It keeps track of your stationary, walking, running, cycling & travelling time.

Fit Time is inspired by the Stocks app, giving you a real-time rise/fall in your activity percentage. You can even set step goals. Fit Time is currently available on iOS.

4. Sleeply

Sleeply automatically keeps track of your sleep duration. It gives you interesting data like the approximate number of sleep cycles, average time asleep and also how many time you wake up in between.

Sleeply is great for those who want basic sleep tracking in a seamless way. Sleeply is currently available for iOS.

5. Earn That Bite

Earn That Bite quantify’s your food for you. You can set a food target, for example a burrito and once you have walked enough steps to burn its calories, you are notified. It is a quick way of keeping track of calories and staying motivated. Earn That Bite is available on Android.

Apart from these five apps from Emberify, some of my favourite lifelogging apps are Day One, Google Fit and Saga. With the sensors in your smartphone you don’t really need additional wearables to lifelog. I had written earlier about the niche use cases where wearables matter.

Originally published at emberify.com