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Community Land Sale — Final Stage

Hey there, you wonderful people! So, community land sale, eh? You’ve been very patient with us, so in this blog post, we’re opening the floodgates. Below you’ll find out how to check whether you’ve qualified, what the land purchasing process is like and what additional goodies you get out of the whole deal. Let’s dive in!

Community Land Sale — The Finish Line

In our land sale update, we laid out the foundation on how we’re going to approach allotting land to the most deserving entries. And the philosophy behind the process hasn’t changed. As a refresher — since we had such a staggering amount of submissions (35,000+ by the end!), we wanted to make sure that as many people as possible got land. Therefore, those among you who requested large amounts of land would only be allotted part of the land you requested. That still holds true, as we wanted to allocate land to as many deserving entries as possible.

You might’ve noticed the number of entries above differs from the one in the aforementioned article. It does — by a margin of 10,000. Rest assured, we have combed through and ranked every single one. Where the process will differ is in how those selected will go about claiming their land.

What that means is that we’ve worked out an elegant way to allow everyone to see if they qualified and which land has been reserved for them if they have. Those who qualified will also receive an email, but either way, you can head to embersword.com right now, where a new addition to the website awaits you. Log in and, if you have qualified, you should see a notification in the top right corner. Click that and you will be taken to the land purchasing page, which looks like this:

Here, you can see your allotted land and a countdown to when the purchasing process goes live. You will be shown which type of land has been reserved for you — it will be the first type of land you asked for that you are eligible to buy. For example, if you wanted a town and a settlement, you were placed in the ranking list for both. If you then ranked high enough to get a town, your land selection page would reflect that. Simply put, everyone who has some land reserved for them has exactly one thing available to purchase — either a full city, full town, settlement plot or regular plot. A cool thing to note — because we are taking this approach, the land owning population of Ember Sword will welcome some 5000 or so new members to their ranks!

You will have plenty of time to make your purchase — your land has been reserved for you, so you don’t have to worry about somebody yoinking, say, your settlement away from under your nose. Once you’re able to purchase it, you will have two full weeks to do so — from the 30th of September to the 14th of October. Do note that if you do not purchase it by the end of that period, your land will go back into rotation and will be made available for purchase to other qualified land owners or be included in the next land sale. Once you buy your land, you will receive it in your wallet immediately.

You know us, we can’t really leave you with just one thing. For everyone who qualified, regardless of if they ranked for land or not, we got something special.

Introducing Community Badges

Remember when we mentioned unique NFTs in our previous community land sale post? Well, wonder what they are no longer! As mentioned, if you wrote a qualifying entry, you will have the chance to purchase a Community Badge.

Badges are a limited edition NFT that give you access to a bunch of perks. Even if you didn’t rank high enough to acquire land, you could still have qualified for the community badges. You can see if your entry has qualified here. Owning a badge gets you access to our upcoming pre-alpha and alpha tests. You also get a cool in-game representation of the badge that will be shown next to your name, an enduring symbol of how you were among the first to support Ember Sword. That by itself makes the badge a really cool collectible, but we’ve included something extra. An additional benefit is that you can use your badge at a later point in 2022 to obtain a set amount of Ember tokens.

As stated above, badges will be limited edition, meaning that we will not be making more of them once they are sold out. For legal reasons, citizens of the US, will currently not be able to claim the tokens owning a badge will unlock during 2022. We do not know how national legislation will evolve over time but will try our best to keep you informed of impactful changes. Naturally this does not limit your ability to benefit from the other perks of our badges.

The process of acquiring a Community Badge is the same as getting your hands on land — log into your embersword.com account and check your notifications. If you’re eligible, you will be taken to the badge purchasing page:

There are four types of badges — Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The different tiers allow large guilds, for example, to acquire a Platinum badge, so they can have an amazing war chest of tokens to start with, alongside the other benefits. At the same time, we wanted the badges to be accessible to as many people as possible, which is why Bronze badges exist — to give those most dedicated among you the opportunity to participate in Ember Sword early without breaking the bank.

Do keep in mind that the badges are limited to one per qualifying account and, unlike allotted land, are not reserved — they will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis while supply lasts, from the 14th of October. They will remain exclusive for qualifying accounts until the 28th of October, after this the remaining ones (if any) will be made available for purchase to anyone with an embersword.com account. As with land, when you buy a badge, you will receive it in your wallet immediately. We will be releasing final details on the badges before the 30th of September.

To close out this section, we would like to note that this new addition to the website will not just be used for the community land sale. In future, more cool opportunities will be made available through this new page. We will be announcing those as they approach, so stay tuned!

Another thing to note is that the purchasing page will be accessible even if you haven’t qualified. In that case, the land and badges will be greyed out. Still, we worked really hard on it and we wanted everyone to be familiar with the interface, as we will be using it again going forward.

That’s the juicy info. We have a bit of housekeeping to get to before we end this post. Let’s talk smart contracts.

Upgrading smart contracts

With the changes in the way we’re delivering land to you being implemented, there is a necessity to upgrade our smart contracts as well, so that we are better prepared to handle future changes/upgrades to our NFTs.

This means that the contract address, the unique identifier for the NFTs, is going to change, meaning that third party services, such as OpenSea and TokenTrove, have to be updated. If you’re using the contract address anywhere, you’ll have to update it to the new address. The new address will be automatically changed on OpenSea and TokenTrove. We will also be listing it in our Discord and website FAQs and announcing as much, as well as adding it to this article once the contract is live.

And that’s all for this blog post, everybody. Thank you once again for your incredible enthusiasm for this community land sale. It has been a blast getting to do this and reading all your awesome submissions. If you have any further questions, our Discord has an FAQ channel dedicated specifically to the most frequently asked community land sale questions — #community-sale-faq. That, alongside our regular FAQs and our socials, are your best sources of up-to-date information about the game.

Until next time!



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