Introducing Ember Sword: The Modern Blockchain MMORPG

Providing Players with Control and Ownership in a free to play MMORPG using the Ethereum Blockchain.

A few days ago, I read a comment left by a gamer on a games industry news article that made me rework the intro to this Medium post.

It was a comment that with such blunt honesty perfectly summarized why we are using the Ethereum blockchain to power Ember Sword, our upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game (MMORPG).

The article was about gamers’ rights to sell used games, and the comment by ‘ProphetTenebrae’ that caught my attention reads as follows:

“This is nothing new — the entire industry has ached to move us to a business model where we never own a game, just own a license or similar.”

Despite the games industry’s rapid growth ($116b in 2017) and the popularity of MMORPG games, which has enabled hundreds of millions of gamers to build communities and long-lasting relationships with other players across the globe, the digital universes these games provide are fully controlled by centralized groups of developers, who retain ownership over every part of the game world and all digital items in the game, while generating substantial revenue from the communities of gamers who make the game popular.

As the above comment exemplifies, this leaves gamers not only frustrated about the lack of ownership over the valuable items they’ve acquired in the game, but also as passive consumers rather than active participants in controlling and evolving the worlds they help populate.

We believe in a different future!

Ember Sword — The Modern MMORPG

Ember Sword is a free to play, modern, and truly player-driven MMORPG game with a real economy powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

It’s a universe where the players control the world through true landownership, and where all valuable cosmetic items are tokenized as scarce non-fungible crypto collectibles, which are acquired by players through gameplay objectives instead of sold through lootboxes.

In Ember Sword, players can trade & sell the cosmetics they own for PIXEL Tokens, and those who invest in LAND to become landowners evolve the world by placing resources, monsters, NPCs etc., and can turn a profit by creating services and experiences, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy in-game purchases, access auctions, and more.

Instead of closing down the in-game economy, we’re opening it up by allowing players to do whatever they want with the cosmetics they truly own.

The core userflow in Ember Sword

Through Ember Sword, we bring artists, players, and builders together to create a vast, persistent, MMORPG universe where the community permanently own and decide the fate of the world and experiences within.

It’s a living, breathing world where landowners build & evolve the universe and monetize their own plots of land, where players are free to do whatever they want whenever they want and truly own their own cosmetic items, and where artists can monetize their own creations by making epic emotes, animations, skins and more.

Ultimately, Ember Sword is more than just a game, it’s a community, a world, an economy.

Ember Sword poster image

What happens next?

The Ember Sword token (PIXEL) private presale is going on right now, with the public crowdsale taking place in Q1, 2019. To participate in the private presale, contact us via our website.

Learn more by reading the Whitepaper, Business pitch, and Game pitch.

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