Streamers Connected Co-founder and CEO Joshua Castle joins Ember Sword

Twitch-streamer and Entrepreneur JoshBaked joins the Ember Sword Advisory Board to help the game reach influencers on Twitch and YouTube.

This is the first post in a series introducing the industry experts that have recently joined So Couch Studios as active advisors for Ember Sword.

Joshua Castle, known on Twitch and Twitter as JoshBaked, is a Twitch streamer and co-founder & CEO of Streamers Connected, the world’s largest content creation community with over 9,000 influencers and 3,300 streamers in their Twitch team.

A few days ago, after weeks of interesting and insightful conversations with Joshua, he joined Ember Sword as an influencer relations and business development advisor.

Releasing Ember Sword news and updates to YouTube and Twitch influencers before making announcements anywhere else is a central role of the marketing strategy for Ember Sword, and Joshua will help ensure our messages not only get amplified, but also reach the relevant influencers on YouTube, Twitch, and at live events across Europe and the US.

We’re happy to welcome Joshua to the team, and can’t wait to have him help us WOW the streamer and gaming community with Ember Sword by growing the influencer community around Ember Sword.

Below is a quick interview with Joshua, in which he explains why he decided to join the Ember Sword advisory board.

Question: What got you excited about Ember Sword?

What really drew me into the game was the art style and the artist workshop where you can upload your own collectible skins and emotes or textures and have them implemented into the game, earning a fee every time the cosmetic is traded between players.
I love player-driven economies and with so many options for a player to not just play the game, but also make money in Ember Sword, I think it will bring a lot of gamers into blockchain gaming.
Ember Sword will be a game-changer not just for Blockchain gaming, but I believe it will disrupt the wider MMORPG scene due to its OSRS meets Albion Online style gameplay and mechanics such as a classless player system and land building.

Question: How do you see the future for the MMORPG genre?

I see the future of MMORPG games consisting of free and open player-driven economies; using blockchain & crypto as proof of ownership for your items, land, and materials — A future where you as the player can dictate whether to put an auction house or a monster camp on your land and fully decide what items to create, armour to build, or where you want to go in the open world.
I feel that Ember Sword is lighting the way for blockchain MMORPGs and will even challenge conventional MMOs once its gameplay is shown off.

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