Customer Experience — Who Really “Owns It” In Your Company?

Companies have realized the significance of investing in customer experience. Every company today knows that providing a great customer experience is in exceeding customer expectations. This is the only way to thrive in the industry and generate revenue and build brand loyalty.

While a company’s collective goal is in providing the best customer experience (CX), who exactly leads the functioning of the teams and resources related to CX in an organization?

It is evident that businesses are concerned about CX. As a matter of fact, 81% of companies view customer experience as a prime competitive differentiator. It is the deciding factor for customers on where and with whom they want to do business.

What constitutes “the best customer experience” definition?

The best customer experience is a product that is more than marketing. Companies today know that being present on digital platforms is crucial for their businesses, but CX is not an easy task to master.

Consistency is the key to a great customer experience. Companies should constantly ensure that they offer quality products and services, has a website that is easy to use, and have adapted to the new trends and technologies.

Who “owns” the customer experience?

Do you have a chief customer officer who is in charge of customer experience in your company? Well, the fact is that every organization should have one; but only a few companies have a designated customer officer to oversee the entire customer journey and customer experience.

That said, one person is not entitled to own the customer experience. It is a collective effort. Every team is interdependent on each other. In times of crisis, we cannot single out one person or team and make them responsible for customer experience. Success is defined when all the teams come together to give their best shot at achieving the goals of the company, i.e., to provide the best customer experience.

Only when you own it, can you lead.

Although customer experience is a result of a complete team effort, someone must take the call and make decisions on what is best, how to go ahead, etc. The CMO — Chief Marketing Officer can be the CX torchbearer. Since marketing is the first point of interaction between brands and customers, CMO will be the best choice.

CMOs will be closely working with the director of sales as these two position-holders play a crucial role in the CX strategy, execution, and conversion. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t forget that CX is still a team effort, and everyone should consider themselves leaders and own it.

What is your value addition?

A great customer experience should display customer values and not company goals. Put the customer’s standpoint at the center of your business goals. This will help you in outlining the journey map and aids in offering a personalized experience.

Every team has a role to play within the company, but marketing will lead the way in CX journey mapping. Every team should be part of the discussion on the company’s goals and outcomes. The more inclusive you make your company, the more it will reflect in the product and services you offer. This in turn will boost your brand image among the customers.

Are you listening to your customers?

Companies should constantly analyze their product reviews and regularly engage in social listening. They should encourage feedback from customers and complete the feedback loop by replying to the customers, irrespective of the reception. This helps companies to understand brand perception in the market. This will make them identify their shortcomings and what is received well among customers. Companies can easily bridge the gaps by taking the relevant steps.

Companies should note that showing customers that you value their take on the product, service, or experience is a key element in ensuring an effective customer experience strategy.

Embrace technology!

It is of utmost importance that brands should choose their eCommerce service provider carefully to utilize the benefits of technology to the fullest. They are equally important in delivering seamless services like website design, easy-to-use payment gateways, order confirmation, delivery management, etc., and creating a huge impact on your customer experience.

Food for thought

For all you know, the plot twist to the question ‘who owns customer experience?’ is the customers themselves. They command the kind of experience they prefer, and companies must oblige. Under the right leadership and perspective, these objectives can be accomplished easily.

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