Embleema closes Series A !

Embleema is on a mission to…

improve the exchange of health data & accelerate the availability of new treatments for un-treated patients. With our initial focus, we’re uncovering an untapped $ 1.5 billion market for Real World Data, eating up the $65 billion market for clinical trials, to start monitoring drug safety and efficacy in real-time.

As data collected during care becomes an increasingly valided way to assess drug safety & efficacy, the sequential, paper-based data brokerage industry is being disrupted by real-time digital monitoring. In this new world, blockchain ensures the authentication of flows.

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Joining Techstars’ 3-month Alchemist Blockchain Accelerator will enable Embleema to validate its product fit to market, access more than 150 mentors including Internet & Blockchain pioneers such as Steven Nerayoff ! Read the blog post by Yossi Hasson, the program’s director and initial press coverage.

Since the start of 2019, we’ve signed a contract with leading cancer care and treatment center in Europe. We also closed a deal with the leading pharmacy software provider Pharmagest in Europe and poised to deploy our system and tokens in France through 9,000 pharmacies and reaching out potentially to 30,000,000 patients.

In Boston, on January 31, we held our first Consortium meeting hosted by Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel & Digital Health visionnary, with a mission to standardize Real World Data and make it acceptable evidence for the FDA to validate drug efficacy and treatment. We had amazing contributions from Dr Frank Weichold, Science & Innovation Director at the FDA, Dr. Vahan Simonyan, former R&D Director of Bioinformatics at the FDA, Dr. Raja Mazumder standardizing algorithms at BioCompute, and precious perspectives from top pharmas including Servier, Sanofi, Roche and Ipsen.

Nicolas Schmidt, our Chief Product Officer, did a demo of the first WHISE Embleema Health Data Exchange using Blockchain to serve as the certificate of authentication of data as it is shared.

In Paris, we held a second round of meetings to specify patient expectations with advocacy groups and more pharma companies for data requirements.

What you might have missed…

In Orlando, Nicolas Schmidt & Alexis Normand were both at HIMSS 2019, at two panels talking about use cases of Blockchain in Healthcare. Read what Mobile Health News wrote about it here.

In Paris, Robert Chu, Embleema’s CEO, was at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris talking about health data and ethics, and Vincent Galand did the same at Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Talking about law & ethics, read our viewpoint in favour of Health Data Ownership in Le Monde (in French) and similar views in English in Health Management magazine