WATCH: Raising kids to EmbraceRace

Why we must, where to begin

Watch this EmbraceRace Conversation HERE!

EmbraceRace is about building a strong and nourishing community of practice for parents, guardians, teachers and other caregivers who want to help raise a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed, and brave about race.

In this online event, Andrew (Grant-Thomas) and I, co-parents and co-founders of EmbraceRace, talk about the Big Picture of race in the United States that led us to launch the community. We also share the goals we derived from that Big Picture and describe some of the work, both current and upcoming, we hope will help us all move toward those goals. And the best part — then we get feedback and questions from participants like you who are building this community with us.

We see EmbraceRace as a providing information and support in the race-and-raising-kids space and as part of the larger movement for racial and social justice. We think there’s a lot at stake in whether, how, and how well we collectively do this work.

The conversation took place on June 27, 2017 and is part of an ongoing monthly series. Sign up for the EmbraceRace twice monthly newsletter to keep informed about upcoming community conversations or events and to receive a curated collection of perspectives, articles and resources about race and raising kids. The newsletter is also a window into how this community is growing and evolving. Join us!

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