Case: Making Cities Welcoming to All Migrants.

Faced by a toxic and fearful sentiment against immigrants in Nashville in 2006, social entrepreneur David Lubell supported community and public leaders to change course and become a truly welcoming city. Welcoming America and Welcoming International emerged from this experience, providing support today to more than 300 city governments and their community leaders in eight countries on their way to operationalize a shared vision to welcome all types of immigrants.

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

Act I — The Nashville Prototype

Act II — The World

“Despite the nuances, maintain a strong compass for the values that underpin your work as well as the ways in which you can measure actual progress. After initial growth, new skills like learning to say ‘no’ may be critical to achieve real change.”

“Listen for the nuances in motivations people and organizations have to join your cause and work these to everyone’s advantage, e.g. through communications.”

“Understand your role in helping community changemakers like Ze Min Xiao succeed on their journey for change.”

Act III — Standards

Welcoming America certified communities (2023) source: Welcoming America



We can all come together to transform our communities for real change, even in times of hardship, crisis, or austerity. I write about how this can happen, especially when governments, social entrepreneurs and people join forces.

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Sascha Haselmayer

Passionate about The Slow Lane, real change, social + city innovation, delightful procurement @ Ashoka fmr Fellow @ New America | Founder/CEO Citymart