Latest DIY Embroidery Design Trends!

Embroidery is back in trend nowadays and people love to have it on different things like pillow covers, dresses, T-shirts, wall hangings and much more. Contemporary embroidery trends involve multiple exciting and attractive embroidery patterns that endow the world with great designs. Whenever we get to know about a new embroidery pattern, the very first thought that comes to our mind is that where to stitch it — at a wall hanging or on a dress or on the pillow covers? But a better way to utilize the great embroidery patterns you come across is to think about how these designs themselves can be used in all new ways so that they can be stitched anywhere you want.

How Embroidery can be made more innovative?

A great variety of innovative and attractive designs are setting new embroidery trends. Embroidery digitizing is one of the most popular and loved one, amongst all. It involves the skilled digitizers who can efficiently and accurately convert the designs into files, designers who can create engaging and stunning designs, IT professionals to manage the data files and related technical tasks, and artists to produce great creative pieces.

Embroidery digitizing introduces the world to real potentials of embroidery. It involves the conversion of an artwork into a digital file that can be read by an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine reads this file to know about the different stitch types required at different places while stitching the embroidery patterns. Due to the utilization of accurately developed digital data in the form of a file by the embroidery machine, embroidery digitization leads to high quality designs. You do not require any real sewing skills to pull off these designs. They can be simply used with both hand and machine embroidery.

Sometimes the designs need little amendments before they can be converted into files used by the embroidery machines. Embroidery digitizing makes designs more accurate and crisp. By using this technique, you can achieve high quality embroidery patterns with clean and crisp look. It also improves layered thread patterns and 3D puff embroidery. With the help of this technique, now you can try various designs wherever you want.

New Embroidery Designs

Below are some of the recent and coolest designs meant for stitching anything you like. Just go through them and choose the ones you find most appealing and try them.

The Warhol Design

The Warhol design involves duplicating the same one design in a four square pattern, all possessing different colors. This embroidery design looks great with crazy sixties glasses. Enjoy this design in all the different colors you want. It looks great when placed in the mid of a T-shirt or at the center of pillow covers and at many other places also depending on your taste and choice.

The Layer Cake Design

The layer cake design takes your embroidery patterns to the next level. It involves embroidering the light stitching designs on top of each other for a stunning effect. This design results in a brand new composition by merging the two older designs into one. The pieces stitched with this embroidery design look classy and attractive.

The Mirror Design

The Mirror design is inspired from the symmetry of mirrors. Here, a single design is stitched twice in symmetry by flipping it when stitched second time. This kind of design best suites in T-shirts and pillow covers. Jackets possessing this kind of design are also loved by many people. Mostly T-shirts and jackets have this design at the shoulders. This embroidery design looks quite cool when worn by teenagers and youngsters.

The Dub Step Design

The Dub Step design is specially meant for teenagers. The glowing embroidery patterns placed on a dark T-shirt will keep you ready to rock the club all night long. This design is mostly used with the stuffs meant to be used in the night. Be it your pillow cover or a wall hanging on the front wall or a cool T-shirt meant for a disco night, Dubstep is the best. It is really interesting and amazing to see glowing embroidery patterns at late nights.

The Jewelry Box Design

Do you find jewelry uncomfortable and hard to handle? If yes, then the Jewelry box is just for you. Wear as mush jewelry as you like just by freestyle stitching. This design involves a freestyle stitched chain around the neckline of your dress or T-shirt and any number of dangling designs can be used with it to impart a cool jewelry look.

The Mini-Me Design

Well, the Mini-Me design results in cute embroidery patterns. It involves the overlapping of different sizes of a single design. It looks amazing wherever stitched. The multiple overlapping patterns of different sizes are just awesome. This design looks good at kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults and all others.

The Ransom Note Design

The Ransom Note is for those who love text-only patterns. This design allows you to mix and match different alphabetic series to make it say anything you want. You can also go for certain alignments and effects to make it more attractive. The only-text embroidery patterns following this design are exceptionally classy.

So, with these Designs exploit embroidery to enjoy all the above mentioned designs. These designs work and suit all people and stuffs. No need to think twice while going for them. If you love them, have them on your T-shirts, Pillow Covers, Wall Hangings even Portrait or on everything else you can think of. These designs are stylish and attractive enough to make you feel special. Just try them and enjoy the great potentials of embroidery!

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