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Chain Clash gamer bought a mythical avatar of Brock Pierce for 1,731 EOS ($4,275)

I would have paid more but felt that would not have been fair to anyone. I look forward to being beat by my mythical likeness. Congratulations to the winner! — Brock Pierce.

Celebrity Avatars of Crystal Rose and Brock Pierce.

Chain Clash is a blockchain-based, collectable combat game. It's like a blockchain version of Mortal Kombat or Tekken (on steroids). The game allows players to collect and train a variety of avatar fighters and join forces with like-minded people to form cryptocurrency clans. Players can engage in competitive battles with other players and represent their clans in tournaments.

In Chain Clash, clans refer to real cryptocurrency communities like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, BOSCore, etc.

The game is centred around digital characters called avatar. These avatars have unique DNA and attributes and live on the EOS blockchain. Avatars can take the form of robots or real humans like myself, yourself or Brock Pierce. Imagine being able to create your own customized game character with your own name and your own face. Imagine being able to train them to become really strong and then use them to represent your favourite cryptocurrency clan in tournaments or sell them for a fortune.

The days of “clashing“, badmouthing and spreading FUD on twitter about other crypto clans may be coming to an end as crypto fanatics now have a better way to settle their differences or battle for supremacy. From now on you can put your money where your mouth is by supporting your clan or by representing them in battles.

Chain Clash is currently doing a presale where people can bid for legendary and mythical avatars. Legendary avatars are “legendary” but mythical avatars are more valuable because they are one of a kind. For example, there is only one mythical avatar of Brock Pierce in this life and they will never be another.

Buying avatars from the presale would be a good investment as these characters are exclusive, come with a 50% discount and some bonus power. You also get the chance to secure your favourite names or the most sought-after names using your name tags before Chain Clash even launches!

Brock Pierce mythical avatar recently sold for 1,731 EOS (approximately $4,275), during a presale auction. This trumped the 1,000 EOS Crystal Rose avatar and made it the most expensive digital goods ever sold on EOS.

The billionaire crypto investor (Brock Pierce) was quick to show his support for the game. He responded to my tweet (image below), congratulated the winner of the auction and announced his desire to battle his mythical lookalike. I look forward to such a phenomenal battle.

If you want to learn more about Chain Clash, please join their Discord server by clicking on this link.

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