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Create a Bitcoin Wallet with TokenPocket App

Congratulations to all Bitcoins fans and lovers! TokenPocket now supports bitcoin. You can now securely store and send/receive bitcoins with your TokenPocket app while enjoying the other super-duper features of TokenPocket. For example, TokenPocket allows you to seamlessly swap your bitcoins with other major cryptocurrencies like Eth, EOS, USDT, TRX, BNB, OMG, e.t.c.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a bitcoin wallet with the TokenPocket app.

Step 1: Download TokenPocket

The first thing that you need to do of course is to download the TokenPocket app if you don’t already have it. TokenPocket is available on PlayStore, AppStore and Desktop (Window and Mac).

Step 2: Select Bitcoin

The first thing you will notice is that the default blockchain is EOS. This is because TokenPocket started on the EOS blockchain. It has since expanded its services to include all other blockchains. TokenPocket is a multi-blockchain wallet and this means that it supports every cryptocurrency and blockchain application.

Click on “click to switch” and you will see many blockchains to choose from. Select the bitcoin blockchain.

Step 3: Create a name and password

You can give your wallet a name. It’s not that important. It’s only important if you would have many bitcoin addresses in the app and you wish to distinguish them.

You can also create a password. The password is not as important as your private keys.

Step 4: Back up your mnemonic phrase (private keys)

Backing up your mnemonic phrase/private keys is the most important step in creating a bitcoin wallet or any cryptocurrency wallet for that matter. Your mnemonic phrase/private keys give you access to your funds. If you lose them, you lose your funds. There is no recovery. TokenPocket does not store your private keys. Your private keys are encrypted and stored in your device. If you lose your device, your mnemonic phrase is the only way to restore your funds. You can back up your mnemonic phrase by writing it down in a book or any place that only you easily access. You can also save it online but it is not the recommended option.

Step 5: Confirm your private keys

After confirming your private keys, your bitcoin wallet is created instantly and you can proceed to use your wallet and enjoy the other rich features of the TokenPocket app.

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