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How to Buy TPT- TokenPocket Tokens

TPT is the native cryptocurrency of the TokenPocket ecosystem. It enables holders to enjoy exclusive features on the app. It’s used in paying for Forget CPU mode, DApp listing and adverts on TokenPocket app. It’s also used for bounties and freebies, and for trading and investing.

This tutorial is about how you can buy TPT with EOS on Newdex.io using the TokenPocket app.

Step 1

Download the mobile TP app from play store, app store. The desktop version is available on TokenPocket website.

Step 2

If you already have an EOS account, import the account to the TP app. If you don’t have an EOS account, follow the steps outlined in this post to create one.

Step 3

  • Open your TP app and click on ‘discovery’.
  • Go to the search bar on ‘discovery’ and search for Newdex.io.

Step 4

  • Now that you are on newdex.io, click on ‘market’.

Step 5

  • Now that you are on Market, search for ‘TPT’.
  • Click on TPT/EOS pair

Step 6

  • You can choose to buy at the current price or set a custom/lower price or limit order.
  • Click on Buy.

Step 7

  • Enter your password and click confirm
  • When you do that, your EOS would be converted to TPT.

TokenPocket wallet is a multi-blockchain wallet. It’s one of the most popular EOSIO wallets, it provides a secure way to manage digital assets and a portal to the world of decentralized applications. Using the Forget CPU mode on TokenPocket, users enjoy the lowest rates on CPU for transactions within the app.

For more information about the benefits and use cases of TPT read this post.

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