How Jisc can help your Higher Education startup scale

If you are building a startup in higher education, you know first hand how difficult it can be. This is why, in partnership with Jisc, we have launched the Step Up programme — to help startups and institutions work together with confidence.

The kite-mark your startup could receive

We first assess your organisation against a list of criteria developed with senior leaders from more than a dozen universities, letting you know where you might be falling short. The reports generated by this process can then be accessed by Universities and Further Education institutions, providing them with a direct access point to decide which providers to work with.

We work with over 900 universities in the US and we filled out a separate security form or questionnaire for just about every single one of them. Being able to centralise that helps everybody.

David Shull, CEO, Handshake

Throughout Jan and Feb 2020 Jisc is selecting 50 startups and scale-ups with solutions to some of the biggest challenges in higher education, to participate in the programme.

If your organisation would benefit from speeding up procurement processes, improving visibility to decision-makers, and getting access to a community of senior leaders, register your interest in Step Up here by 28 February 2020.




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Lucy Lynn-Matern

Lucy Lynn-Matern

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