January 2018’s European edtech deals

A monthly overview

Funding in the European edtech scene is off to a strong start in the new year, with a total of 8 deals in January 2018. Investments in January totaled $49.42m— a 238% increase from December, mostly thanks to a $30m round for Area9. Two Emerge companies (TeacherGaming and Enroly) that announced they closed early rounds of funding.

January’s largest European edtech deals:
Area9 lands a recordbreaking $30m deal from the Danish Growth Fund
SpeachMe closed a $12.4m Series A round led by Groupe Artémis’ Red River West and Alven Capital
eSafe secured a $2.7m deal with Maven Capital Partners and the Greater Manchester Loan Fund

Read on for the full list of edtech deals in January 2018.


Area9’s is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes individual learner interactions on the basis of their knowledge, experience and confidence in the subject (via Edsurge).

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Round: $30m
  • Date: 16/1/2018
  • Type: Seed
  • Total Raised to Date: $30m
  • Investors: Danish Growth Fund

Enroly (🌟 Emerge portfolio company)

Enroly is connecting with current international students to identify the next generation of high-value applicants abroad, achieving conversion rates 100x the industry standard (via Edspace).

  • Location: London, UK
  • Round: $348k
  • Date: 30/1/2018
  • Type: Series B
  • Total Raised to Date: $348k+
  • Investors: Charlotte Street Capital, angels

eSafe Global Limited

eSafe monitors online user behaviour and cyber bullying within a school or college’s digital environment (via Every Investor).

  • Location: Salford, UK
  • Round: $2.7m
  • Date: 4/1/2018
  • Type: Seed
  • Total Raised to Date: $2.7m
  • Investors: Maven Capital Partners, Greater Manchester Loan Fund


Kikora is an e-learning company offering a digital mathematics learning tool (via Nordic9).

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Round: $1.2m
  • Date: 11/1/2018
  • Type: Seed
  • Total Raised to Date: $1.2m
  • Investors: Aschehoug

Magpie Education

Magpie Education provides an AI-driven resource tool to inspire students to take up STEM subjects. The company’s platform incorporates lesson planning, curriculum-mapped activities and tailored learning journeys and CPD (via FinSMEs).

  • Location: Martlesham, UK
  • Round: $420k
  • Date: 16/1/2018
  • Type: Seed
  • Total Raised to Date: $420k
  • Investors: British Robotics Seed Fund


SpeachMe develops video-based tutorial, communication and learning tools for companies and employees (via Tech EU).

  • Location: Martlesham, UK
  • Round: $12.4m
  • Date: 17/1/2018
  • Type: Series A
  • Total Raised to Date: $14.6m
  • Investors: Groupe Artémis’ Red River West, Alven Capital


Strawbees developed an educational solution that uses gaming to help students develop powerful skillsets for the future through hands-on exploration of design, construction, electronics and programming (via Nordic9).

  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Round: $750k
  • Date: 16/1/2018
  • Type: Angel Investors
  • Total Raised to Date: $750k
  • Investors: Fabian Bengtsson, Anna Stenberg and Daniel Johnsson

TeacherGaming (🌟 Emerge portfolio company)

TeacherGaming is turning blockbuster games into teaching tools. The team’s previous venture was MinecraftEDU (via PEHUB).

  • Location: Tampere, Finland
  • Round: $1.6m
  • Date: 25/1/2018
  • Type: Seed
  • Total Raised to Date: $1.6m
  • Investors: Makers Fund, Founders Factor