An Invitation to Emerge

Daniel Thorson
Jan 18, 2018 · 2 min read

The contexts humanity has depended on for meaning and orientation have been destroyed.

Religions — abandoned

Ideologies — severed

Stories — forgotten

In the smoking ruins celebrities, companies, and politicians battle for for our attention. Disrupters are being disrupted while society fragments, upending long-held political and social norms, throwing our culture into chaos, and setting citizen at the throat of citizen, all while the privileged few reap ungodly profits.

As this battle rages, a new world and a new story of what it means to be human is quietly taking shape. This new world invites us to question everything that has taken our species to this point, to re-examine the basic assumptions and concepts that undergird human civilization.

And then there’s you.

How do you guard yourself against a life of meaninglessness and quiet desperation?

What is your role and responsibility in this turning of the ages?

How do you survive (and thrive) in a world turned to steam?

How do we learn to listen to the quiet breath of the more beautiful world being born?

Emerge is here to help us make sense of what’s next.

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Emerge Together

Making sense of what’s next

Emerge Together

Making sense of what’s next

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Emerge Together

Making sense of what’s next