More pliable realities

Reality is going out of style. Facts don’t have the power they used to have. Getting more serious about things just bores everybody. Imagine if, quite surprisingly and paradoxically, the path to fixing the world, turning it into the joyful abundant utopia it easily could be, isn’t at all to throw more facts at each other, or to face reality more seriously, to concentrate and work harder, and battle the enemies of progress. What if, instead, it is what at first looks like mindless diversions and escapism, that begin to provide enough dimensions for us to flow towards the future we want? When we go get lost in virtual reality, augmented reality, magical reality, hyperreality, in role play, in games and fiction, in multi media, so well crafted that it is hard to know what is real and what isn’t. Plenty of new ways of fooling you and tracking you. But potentially many more ways for you to explore and dream and choose and create freely. Consensus reality might become an increasingly smaller and smaller obstacle in comparison. The real change might happen first in dreamtime, in the holodeck, and the material reality might just have to rush and catch up. That surely sounds farfetched right now. But the rules are changing rapidly.

Another way of saying it is that the game is being played in a higher number of dimensions. Despite that our 3D everyday reality seems really solid, it is likely just the shadow of what really is going on, not much more than a cardboard cutout, giving entirely the wrong idea of what REALLY is there. Despite our physics having advanced way beyond this solid material world view more than 100 years ago already, we’ve mostly held onto it tightly. But that’s becoming increasingly silly and impossible to maintain.

It is a bit of a misnomer to call it reality. It’s a mess of bullshit manufactured problems and fake solutions. It doesn’t represent what’s really important to us, who we really are, what we want, what we need. No wonder we begin to not believe in that “reality”, because it is phony, it’s not real, no matter how much it is recycled on TV. But now, if we have the tools for circumventing it, for connecting based on what we enjoy and what we actually want, and we can make that vibrantly real, and overlay it on the phony reality, and start living it…. There is an enormous window of opportunity there. And there’s also great danger, of getting lost in simply another layer of delusion.

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