The back of the closet

It took a number of years before I noticed it. In the back of my closet, where I hang my shirts and my jackets, there’s a wooden ledge that appears to serve no particular purpose. At each end there’s a support knob. One day, for no particular reason, after getting a shirt, I pushed on the knob on the right.

The knob slid right into the back panel. That in itself might have been just a very minor oddity, had not also the bottom of the closet also slid into the wall. More worrying, that opened up a rectangular hole into, what, the basement? I don’t have a basement. A hole, nevertheless.

Unexpected, somewhat unnerving. However, seeing a few metal ladder steps bolted to the back wall of the hole, next to some kind of electrical conduit, made it all feel, well, if not normal, at least like it might have some sensible utilitarian explanation. At least that’s what I made a couple of attempts at telling myself.

Sensible explanation or not, I was in no mood for proving myself wrong on that particular day. I closed the closet doors, and blocked them with a chair. That wouldn’t stop much of anything. I put a potted plant on the chair. A hibiscus. Still wouldn’t stop anything from trying to get out of the closet, but it felt a bit like it would.