Image : Epiphany, 2013 (CL-Q)
Soundtrack : Metronomy — Nights out

Call this journal cathartic if you must, I wouldn’t because I deem it necessary.

TimeOut London made it widely known being an artist isn’t easy, but thanks to pioneers such as Dunne & Raby (Founders of former MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art), designers attempting to penetrate the art field seem to be subjugated to the same treatment, with an added awkwardness upon declaration of their background.

Anonymous : ’…so are you an artist, designer, director or writer?’ 
CL-Q : do I have to choose? 
Anonymous : –

Recently chairing an In Conversation… with Professor and writer of ‘The Residue Years’ Mitchell S. Jackson. I paraphrased a quote from a panellist I once heard, ‘ create, is the most narcissistic thing you can do’ so how are you handling the tour of your book?

He didn’t answer the question but responded saying ‘I think the most narcissistic thing you can do is post endless pictures of yourself online.’ I don’t disagree with him, there’s truth in both, as we all search for ourselves in the faces of our newborns who are yet to develop distinct features…

I digress.

Being recently called “Emerging” I’m on a journey to “emerge”, defining what it actually means. Showcasing the battle between recognition, respect and financial stability in the pursuit and definition of success in an academic year, starting 28th September 2016 .

Allow me to bring you up to date as I refer to my personal document, ‘Man plans, God Laughs’.

Born in London, but spending my early years traveling the continent of Africa, the last of three children in a Ghanaian family, while claiming Senegal as home. Educated in the UK via varying stints in four primary schools, one secondary school, Foundation and Undergraduate graduate from London College of Communication, (UAL) recent graduate from the Royal College of Art and continuing resistance to corporate slavery. I am a Designer, Artist, Director and Writer (In that order) working to systematically unpick the fabric of beliefs that give you confidence to utter uncompromising statements of ignorance.

I generally mean what I say, sometimes too poetically (but ask me to clarify) but I don’t believe in filters, my tongue isn’t sponsored by instagram and neither is it owned. So I’ll put it straight, who has time for lies when bills arrive on time every month.

Look out for a new article every Thursday.

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