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Martech Podcast Part 1: The Direct to Device Advantage

How app developers can boost revenue and reach users at scale.

Key Takeaways

  • App developers can scale their distribution by going Direct to Device
  • On-device targeting could be the next big thing
  • Open rates for Preloads are as high as 80% due to consumer’s inherent curiosity
  • The best apps for Preloading are High Frequency of Usage Apps

During a two-part podcast series hosted by Martech, I discussed how the mobility landscape is impacting marketers and the ways Digital Turbine can help solve this. In this recap of the first podcast, readers can learn more about how app developers can boost revenue and reach users at scale by mastering mobile app discoverability.

Direct-to-device app marketing

Unless you are in the league Facebook, Google, or Amazon — most apps don’t have the necessary market clout to quickly make major deals with even one carrier, let alone all of them. In fact, good luck even getting in front of a decision maker.

However, by democratizing the process with direct-to-device app marketing, app developers, brands, and apps can form a single platform rather than going through the business development motions with each individual carrier.

On-device targeting

On-device targeting may be a smarter, more consumer friendly way for brands to target certain demographics than relying on potentially false or harmful consumer data on web and social platforms. Though an individual’s device won’t have personal information attached, a brand’s target market could align with certain device types.

App publishers can choose target criteria like device, make, model, carrier, and country that are most applicable to their demographic. For example, LinkedIn on high-end devices versus a Solitaire app on a lower-end device.

Inherent Curiosity Will Spike Open Rates Over Time

One thing savvy app marketers have learned is that their traditional metrics won’t directly apply for on-device methods. On average, our data shows that open rates for preloaded apps in the first 30 days are between 25–30%. But over time, open rates increase to as high as 80% once they pass the 90 day mark. This is because on-device marketing preys on the consumer’s inherent curiosity.

Advertisers can drive engagement by identifying ways to reach users right after they unbox their phone. One reason preloads are effective is that on day one someone who is playing with all their new phone features may notice an app on their phone, but be too occupied with other fun things to tap and open. However, as they continue to use their phone over time, and continuously see the app — they will eventually be ready to dig in, whether it be out of curiosity or necessity.

The Best Apps for Preloading

Preloading works great for apps that get a lot of daily or weekly use, such as games, social media, news, shopping, and others.

Meanwhile, parking apps, photo editing, or other similar applications that are designed for a specific or one-time use don’t work as well.

At Digital Turbine, the most popular apps we distribute are casual gaming apps. On average, gamers are happy to play whatever gaming app they find on their device, regardless of the game maker. That’s to say, high-frequency-of-use gaming apps don’t need to be a specific brand for people to engage with them.

Be sure to check back for a recap of the second podcast, where readers can learn more about how mobile app developers are gearing up for 5G.




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