Industry 4.0 Could Be India’s Biggest Manufacturing Innovation Opportunity

It’s been few years we are seeing a lot of media interest in Industry 4.0 that is the fourth revolution in the field of manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 Regional Interest

If we look at the regional interest there are only two countries Germany and Japan.

Well, it makes perfect sense, but you could ask where is China?

Also, Were we expecting India? No, I guess.

India’s Opportunity:

“Digital India” and “Make In India” is already motivating enterprises and industrialists for smart city initiatives, but there is no traction on the ground except some media is talking about it.

India has this unique opportunity to lead the road to Smart Manufacturing considering the fact that India has a long history of manufacturing and has a large technology orientated talent pool that can be leveraged to make India “The Digital Factory Of The World”

Indian IoT industry is expected to be worth US$ 15 billion and to connect 28 billion devices to the internet by 2020. Additionally, Government of India is planning to develop five incubation centers for ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) start-ups, as a part of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Digital India and Startup India campaign, with at least two centers to be set up in rural areas to develop solutions for smart agriculture.

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