Council on Foreign Relations points out pitfalls of scapegoating the CISO

Government and Industry need to adopt Digital Risk Management approaches

Emergent CEO Earl Crane joined with Council on Foreign Relations Net Politics author Rob Knake for a blog post entitled “You’re Fired!” Will Not Fix Federal Cybersecurity.

In the piece, the authors discuss the already-recognized need for government to adopt emerging Digital Risk Management approaches (as reflected in last year’s update to OMB Circular A-123).

Not to give too much away, here’s a key passage:

“Digital risk management requires a paradigm shift. Managing digital risk is no longer the sole burden of the CISO. The cybersecurity community has made great strides in communicating the importance of cybersecurity as a function, resulting in broader participation of business units and leadership, heightened expectations of oversight and governance, and increasingly larger budgets for dedicated to cybersecurity products and services.”

How will government and industry move into the Digital Risk Management space? Time will tell, but we are at a sea change in how organizations manage their digital exposure to risk.

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