Now Available — Emergent Instinct Engine 1.2

We did it! The Wait is over!

The first and only data-driven, AI-powered scenario-analysis platform for executive security and risk managers.

Emergent Product Management announces general availability of the newest release of its Instinct Engine software platform. The Instinct Engine is the industry’s first-ever AI-based Digital Risk Management platform built to help the second line of defense quantify and discover their enterprise digital risks.

Instinct Engine 1.2 adds significant new functionality in several areas including, but not limited to:

LOR Risk Calculation — The product now supports two exposure calculations by adding the Log Odds Ratio (LOR) calculation to the product. This feature allows the user to set either Bayesian or the LOR calculation as the default for each scenario and the ability to weight metrics associated with the LOR calculation.
Scheduled Reporting — Several enhancements were made to the reporting function to allow for reports to be scheduled at regular intervals.
CyberArk Integration — Previously data source credentials were stored locally on the Instinct Engine. In this release, the product offers integration with CyberArk for data source credentials storage. This provides an added layer of credential management and security storing the authentication data outside of the Instinct Engine product.
Performance Enhancements — A series of performance enhancements are implemented in this release to provide quicker response in the user interface and to improve the calculation time of scenario exposure and impact.
Simulation Sandbox Environments — This feature provides a mechanism for customers to clone the current Instinct Engine environment and use the new cloned sandbox environment for modeling potential risks and risk mitigation strategies.

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