Welcome, Jason!

We are excited to announce a new addition at Emergent!

Well-known cybersecurity executive Jason Bevis, previously of the Mandiant division of FireEye, has joined the leadership team of Emergent Network Defense. As Emergent’s new VP of Engineering, Bevis brings a unique quality of both in-depth security knowledge and product engineering that enables Emergent to build best in class security risk products.

Mr. Bevis has extensive experience in both security risk and automation engineering. He has worked for top security companies such as FireEye-Mandiant, Foundstone-McAfee, and KPMG. Bevis and Emergent CEO and co-founder Dr. Earl Crane first worked together at Foundstone, one of the markets earliest and most successful cybersecurity startups. Foundstone would go on to be acquired by McAffee and Intel.

“More than a year ago I started looking at building an automation product for digital risk,” says Bevis, “A colleague of mine said ‘have you seen what Earl Crane is doing?’ After several months of discussion and learning about the Emergent’s product, it appeared Earl and I had a similar passion.”

“We are thrilled to have Jason bring his leadership and technology talents to Emergent,” said Crane of the new addition. “Jason is a world-class thought leader in enterprise security orchestration, having led development teams deploying technology across the largest and most complex organizations.”

Within a week of Bevis joining, the Emergent team has reported several breakthroughs and validation of their proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform. “I knew Emergent had something good,” says Bevis, “yet I also knew my knowledge in orchestration engineering and deep security experience could speed up the product development life cycle. After the first week, I can say I am very excited about the capability and future of Emergent.”

Bevis has over 20 years’ experience and is a veteran of multiple start-ups that have been public. He is a member of the InfoTech Research Group hall of fame and has served as a forensics judge at NYU CSAW annual conference on several occasions.

Emergent was recently announced as a finalist in the SXSW Accelerator competition, to be held this March. The company’s Instinct Engine™ platform allows companies to look around the corner by predicting where they are most likely to be attacked tomorrow. Using advanced machine learning and emergent AI risk algorithms, it explores hundreds of thousands of loss scenarios to identify the cyber intrusions that could create the biggest impacts.