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Everything You Wanted To Know About Emeris

with Gautier Marin, Director of Product

With the launch of Emeris Beta, the past several days in the Cosmos ecosystem have been very exciting. With the whirlwind of activity going on, we were lucky to pull Gautier aside for a quick community interview on the Reddit webpage. This document is a recap of the information that we were able to learn from the AMA.


Before we get into the details of the interview, let me provide a little bit of background on the conversation. Gautier has worked at Tendermint for the past four years. He recently became Director of Product and before that he worked as Corporate Development Lead as well as a Developer Relations Engineer. Prior to his work at Tendermint, he attended school in Paris at Telecom ParisTech, and obtained his Masters of Research, Innovation Management at Ecole Polytechnique. Gautier is the driving force behind Emeris and has been instrumental to delivering this cutting-edge product to the community.

Emeris is currently in Beta and allows you to transfer and swap tokens, and participate in cross-chain liquidity pools using the IBC-enabled Gravity DEX protocol. There are loads of features to come in the following iterations. The overall vision of Emeris is to be a portal to all crypto apps, giving you access to cutting-edge decentralized exchanges, allowing you to obtain experimental or alternative coins that may be difficult or impossible to get via traditional centralized exchange, and much much more. Emeris is a non-custodial, blockchain-agnostic UI that consolidates crypto asset holdings and will allow you access across hundreds of chains and interact with a wide variety of dapps hosted on various chains.

Current Emeris Status and Feature Set

The current status of Emeris is bright. Many features are available to users including swaps and liquidity pool allocations. You can send tokens off the Cosmos Hub as well as across IBC, and receiving tokens works great with a typed in address or its useful QR scanning feature.

As well as a sleek user interface and the Gravity DEX protocol functionalities, Gautier and his team have added a few interesting polishes. Emeris has a neat light and dark mode that you can change in the settings at the top right. As a default, the UI is set up to use your computer’s native setting. If you have a MAC, for example, the UI switches from Light to Dark mode as the sun begins to set.

Gautier comments on his favorite feature set, “I really like the fact that Emeris lets you see a consolidated view of your assets across many chains. I also like that you can seamlessly use the Gravity DEX with these assets, no matter which chain they are on. In the future, we can extend this model as we integrate new apps and new chains. Building the foundations took a while, but now we’re ready to scale and create amazing utility for users.”

Browser Support

Currently, Emeris is live with support for Chrome, Brave, and Edge. There are intentions to include more browsers, especially Chromium based ones, but Gautier explains, “We will add support for more browsers very soon, for browsers where some Wallet extensions (like Keplr) are not supported, it requires a bit more work, as it impacts the UX. We will have more info on supported wallets and browsers soon.”

Future Feature Set and Roadmap

There’s a lot to look forward to with the future of Emeris. Of course, you can follow up on the vision of what Emeris intends to be in this Introducing Emeris — The Cross-Chain Portal to All Crypto Apps blog post, but with this community interview, we have a fresh stockpile of great information straight from the development team on what we can expect on the horizon! Gautier remarks on his highlights of the vision, “The idea of a non-custodial, blockchain-agnostic UI that consolidates crypto asset holdings across hundreds of chains and lets you interact with a wide variety of dapps hosted on various chains sounds like a dream. At least that’s a product I would want to use, haha.”

Total Value Update: Staked and Unbonding Tokens

One of the most asked-for features is to be able to see your staked tokens on your asset page. Currently the user interface shows only the tokens that you have expendable. When asked whether we will be able to see an overarching portfolio including these staked tokens and un-bonding tokens, Gautier answers, “Yes, that is planned! It will come very soon.”

Staking on Emeris and Governance

Considering the importance of ATOM’s role as a staking token as well as its governance having the ability to stake and govern are features that are essential to Emeris. Gautier comments on this saying, “We are working to enable staking in the coming weeks. There are so many things in the pipeline! In the very short term, we will enable staking and the wallet manager, which will enable you to connect multiple wallets at the same time. We will also add new chains as they enable IBC. You will be able to see your staked assets from mobile too. As far as governance is concerned, that’s not in the short-term roadmap but we will look to enable it in the future.”

Ethereum Integration and Gravity Bridge

The Cosmos community has been very excited to hear about the upcoming Gravity Bridge and how it will be used in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Luckily, Emeris will have the Gravity Bridge integrated into the user interface. Gautier explains, “the next big milestone is Ethereum integration with the Gravity Bridge. We are working on a new feature called the ‘Wallet Manager’. With this feature, you will be able to connect multiple wallets to Emeris at the same time. For example, you will be able to connect both your Metamask and Keplr wallets. We will start with the more established wallets, but we will look to integrate as many as we can!”

Emeris Mobile

Emeris Mobile is an exciting new addition to the ecosystem that we can expect to see at the end of the initial Emeris Beta. Gautier says, “Emeris mobile will give you a consolidated overview of your crypto asset holdings over multiple chains, as well as the ability to create a multi-chain wallet and sign transactions with it (transfers, swaps, etc.). “


Another exciting aspect about Emeris is that it will have NFT support in the future. In the interview, Gautier confirms, “We will then extend to NFTs, and more!” No dates have been solidified on the inclusion of NFTs onto Emeris but just the fact that it is planned is very exciting.

Alternative DEX Options

In the interview, Gautier re-confirms that there are plans to support swap protocols other than the Gravity DEX. One of the great highlights in the vision of Emeris is that many apps will be connected to the dashboard. When asked about Osmosis integration he clarifies, “Emeris doesn’t require you to “deposit” in the same sense as Osmosis. Emeris offers a global view of your asset holdings and if an IBC transfer is required, Emeris takes care of the transfer for you. When we support Osmosis, the swap interface will look the same but add the choice of which DEX to use. Emeris will provide access to more DEXs in the future. The exact UX is still being worked on, but you can expect to be given a selection of quotes to choose from. The goal of Emeris is to integrate the best dapps, no matter which chains they are on. Obviously integrating each app requires some work, but we are working on solutions to enable third party developers to contribute in order to accelerate the process of making new apps available.”

Farming Incentives?

Many folks have asked about the Farming Incentives for Emeris Liquidity Pools. The best information we have is that the farming module is being developed and proposals to use the module are likely to come afterwards. Gautier confirms, “This is not really related to Emeris itself, but yes, farming plans are in the works.”


Many have also asked about the APY display on Emeris itself, noting that even with the 0.3% of fees within each pool paid to liquidity providers, it is not properly displayed on Emeris Beta. Gautier confirms, “We will add this in the coming days! Thanks for your patience.”

Addressing Launch-time API Stability Issues

The initial launch of Emeris was a bit difficult with some clear API stability issues, and some users asked about what improvements have been made since. Gautier responds, “Several stability improvements have been deployed already (the app is functioning well at the moment). We will look to keep improving the stability of the API and other components in the days to come. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we are dealing with these issues.”

Closing Remarks

Many of the features of Emeris are incredible as it stands. Its user interface is sleek and clever, but of course, as this is a beta launch, many improvements and feature sets will be expanded upon until (and after) the time of public launch of Emeris. Gautier concludes, “Our end goal is to get any user, whether they are familiar with centralized exchanges or not, to use decentralized applications (starting with the Gravity DEX). We want to show it’s possible to provide delightful user experience even in a non-custodial setting.”



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