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Mirla Ferreira
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2 min readJan 12, 2019


How a wholesaler of decorative items redesigned the way of working with clients, regarding how their products are shown. (PT Company) Case Study

The Challenge

Automate the process of communicating with customers to show all available products, like a virtual showroom .

The Outcome

We have created a private, secure and exclusive client portal, accessible from the website, and a back-office to manage all the information.

One of our clients in the wholesale decorative items area, needed to create a private showroom of products with pictures, description and prices to sell to retailers.

Additionally, the company needed a back-office application to manage customers and products.

What are the features?

The private client portal includes the following functions:

  • Login
  • Products by family, category and subcategory.
  • Navigation between product categories.
  • Responsive, of course.

The back-office includes the following functions:

  • Account Information Management
  • Product Family Management, Category Management and Sub-category Management.
  • Client Management.

With a private client portal, this company keep the products centrally in one place and enhances the customer experience with them.

Are you interested in having a personalize Client Portal and give your clients a professional, organised experience? You can contact us at,we would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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